The South union and firefighters denounce “inhumane” management at the Gard Fire and Rescue Service

The South union and firefighters denounce “inhumane” management at the Gard Fire and Rescue Service
The South union and firefighters denounce “inhumane” management at the Gard Fire and Rescue Service

Around sixty firefighters from Gard demonstrated this Friday, June 21, in the streets of Nîmes. They denounce “toxic and inhumane” management by their management.

This Friday, responding to a call from the South Majority Union, around sixty firefighters from Gard marched in the streets of Nîmes. They denounce a “toxic and inhumane management” of their direction… Excesses of power, a breakdown in social dialogue and changes without consultation.”

“Constrained” mutations

A firefighter who had already been sanctioned after a disciplinary procedure and suspended for three months, learned before his return, in his barracks located to the east of the department, that he was transferred to Grau-du-Roi until September. “ We cannot go back on a sanction… We are therefore here with a second disguised sanction”, notes Mathieu Manetti, one of the representatives of the South union.

And four officers and firefighters who worked at the Saint-Gilles barracks – they had not been subject to sanctions – were subject to “constrained mutations”, in Alès, Saint-Ambroix and Vigan. “Behind the cases of our colleagues, there are also families”recalls Mathieu Manetti. “Agents were transferred 45, 70 and 100 km from their original barracks, for no reason, takes up the South union, in a leaflet. The loss of confidence of field agents in their management is increasing day by day.”

The union notes a problem of “dialogue social”. The last meeting with management and the South union was last April. “Those for May and June have been canceled. We had a general meeting this Friday. Colleagues today feel threatened… We don’t want to come to work with a lump in our stomach.”

The management of Thierry Carret, the director of Sdis du Gard, is targeted, among others, by the South union. “And very good technician” but hardly comfortable in social relationships, according to firefighters.

This Friday, the firefighters made contact with an advisor to the president of the Department and a meeting would be planned in the coming days.

Last December, the South union had already denounced “a breakdown in social dialogue, tyrannical management.

“The director has restored order and morality in Sdis”

“A firefighter is not assigned to a specific emergency center”recalls the president of Sdis du Gard, Alexandre Pissas. And we take human difficulties into account. For the first case cited, I remind you that this firefighter is assigned until September to the Grau-du-Roi rescue center. A center that needs staff during the summer. We then offered him a transfer to a center in the Rhône valley, near his home.” The president of Sdis supports the director of Sdis, Thierry Carret, who “restored order and morality to Sdis. Which he does very well.” And to conclude: “ for me, the Sdis du Gard works well. As it has rarely worked so well. And I have nothing against the South union.”



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