Paris 2024 Olympic Games: find out where the Olympic flame will pass in Pontault-Combault

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: find out where the Olympic flame will pass in Pontault-Combault
Paris 2024 Olympic Games: find out where the Olympic flame will pass in Pontault-Combault


Jérôme Lemonnier

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June 22, 2024 at 5:10 p.m.

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She will make a quick visit. This year, the Saturday July 20, 2024 will have a particular flavor in Seine-et-Marne. All day long, the famous Olympic flame will crisscross the department from east to west and from south to north. After arriving at dawn in Fontainebleau, the legendary torch will pass through the prefectural town of Melun, before landing, as if by magic, in Pontault-Combault. “It’s a great recognition for our town. With no less than 9,500 licensees for 38,000 inhabitants, our city demonstrates, once again, its strong place in the world of sport thanks to its exceptional associative fabric”, was pleased at the time of the award of the passage of the flame, Gilles Bordthe mayor of the town, in June 2023.

1,400 meters to go

One year after this big announcement, the journey has taken shape. “He has even been arrested for several weeks,” summarizes the city’s first councilor. Thus, the Olympic flame will meander through the streets of Pontault-Combault on a large section 1.4 km long. “It is expected that the flame will only stay in town for half an hour,” continues Gilles Bord.

A brief passage therefore, but which should not spoil the party, quite the contrary! In terms of streets traveled, it was chose to model the route on that of the traditional carnival. “It’s a route that we know well and which passes through part of the city center. We are also used to securing it. It is for all these reasons that we chose it,” reports the elected official.

So what is the preferred route? The route is almost straight. The departure of the Pontellois-Combalusien route must take place from 10:20 a.m., at the level of the Roger-Boisramé gymnasium, well known to handball fans, where the local team, PCHB, plays in the second division. The torchbearers will run along theavenue Charles-Rouxel, then take Avenue de la République near the police station. After passing the small shopping center in the city center, the flame will then turn left at Chaumettes roundabout and will pass in front of the François-Mitterrand media library. Finally, at the following roundabout, it will enter the town hall park just before 11 a.m. “She will then head towards Torcy,” informs Gilles Bord, who explains that various festive events on the theme of the Olympics will take place in the town. Moreover, just after the passage of the Olympic flame, a symbolic basin installed in the park will be lit and will remain lit for the duration of the events.

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Four torchbearers

At the level of the torch bearers, four people were chosen to ensure the 1,400 meters of the course. Among them is a Pontellois Combalusian, in the person of Thomas Ferreira, a young disabled sportsman.

“I hope that the passing of the flame and the sporting fortnight that will follow will be events that strengthen national cohesion, that they will be triggers to allow us to live in fraternity”, formulates in conclusion, Gilles Bord, moreover, former international handball referee, present at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.

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