In Saint-Denis, an exhibition to visualize the legacy of the Olympic Games

In Saint-Denis, an exhibition to visualize the legacy of the Olympic Games
In Saint-Denis, an exhibition to visualize the legacy of the Olympic Games

What will remain of the buildings built for the Games, once the Olympic flame has left Seine-Saint-Denis? It is these transformations of the territory that the exhibition attempts to showcase.

In 2019, Solideo created a project center at the Athletes’ Village where the models of this major complex for the Paris 2024 Games were exhibited. This place was visited by more than 37,000 visitors until its closure in March 2024. Plaine Commune, we said to ourselves that it was absolutely necessary to extend this initiative“, motivates Nicolas Dabre, project manager of the territorial animation of the Olympic Games for intercommunality which brings together nine municipalities (Aubervilliers, Épinay-sur-Seine, L’Île-Saint-Denis, La Courneuve, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen, Stains and Villetaneuse).

Organized by the city of Saint-Denis, Plaine Commune and the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, the exhibition takes place in the very heart of the event: 35 meters from Portes de Paris where the Stade de France and the Olympic Aquatic Center (CAO), but also near the canal and the Saint-Denis basilica which will be celebration sites.

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Our ambition was to go further than the Solideo project house by creating a resource place which brings together all the material heritage of games in the Seine-Saint-Denis region.“, summarizes Nicolas Dabre. Concretely, the exhibition takes place in two distinct spaces. The first is aimed more specifically at children and young people, with multimedia and fun activities such as marking on the ground to mark the long jump record.

The second brings together information panels on all the infrastructures built for the games, such as the seven new swimming pools and the five models of works: the Athletes and Media Villages, the CAO, the Pleyel station where lines 16 and 17 in addition to 14, and the tunnel boring machine. “The idea was to approach the heritage in terms of buildings, since the two villages are set to become places of life with numerous housing units, and also in terms of transport“, specifies Nicolas Dabre. A sixth model dedicated to Prisme (the new site dedicated to para-sport in Bobigny) will be added.

We hope to reach schools and leisure centers, partners in the organization of the games (on request), and we also want to reach the general public, in particular spectators who will come to watch the competitions.“, underlines Nicolas Dabre. The exhibition has already welcomed a delegation from the American Congress which is preparing the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028. “Foreign delegations are eager to know more. The Athletes’ Village, for example, has the particularity of having been built in the heart of the city, in an area already inhabited with intense economic activity.. We also want to explain how the land was cleared to build the CAO“, continues the project manager of Plaine Commune.

For the moment, the exhibition is scheduled until November 25, 2024. It could, however, be continued. It can be visited in parallel with another exhibition. “The mechanics of the feat, the body put to the test of sport”.

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