Saint Laurent, Dior, Lagerfeld… A fashion marathon in the middle of the 2024 Olympics, what do you think?

Saint Laurent, Dior, Lagerfeld… A fashion marathon in the middle of the 2024 Olympics, what do you think?
Saint Laurent, Dior, Lagerfeld… A fashion marathon in the middle of the 2024 Olympics, what do you think?

While Paris is preparing to live to the rhythm of the Olympic Games for several weeks, it nonetheless remains the capital of fashion. On Sunday, the city will even host an exceptional event that will bring together all the most stylish people on the planet: Vogue World.

A giant parade-show organized at Place Vendôme (watch here via livestream from 9 p.m.), where more than 500 artists, models and athletes will appear. The theme of the evening: “100 years of French fashion and sport”. Proof that the two are far from incompatible.

A fashion marathon during the Olympics, what do you think? Saint Laurent, Dior, Lagerfeld… Here are the exhibitions to discover this summer, in Paris, to perfect your culture fashion between two sporting events.

  • The “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” series is coming to BHV. — Caroline Dubois – Disney+

    You loved it Becoming Karl Lagerfeld on Disney+? Until August 11, the BHV Marais (in the 4th arrondissement) invites you to continue your dive into the world of the “Kaiser of fashion”, through a small immersive (and free) exhibition around the world of the series . To discover ? Costumes, accessories and set elements straight out of the 6 episodes of the mini-series.

  • The “Transparencies” exhibition at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. — Thibaut Voisin

    Until August 25, the Yves Saint Laurent museum (in the 16th arrondissement) invites you to discover the designer’s work around transparency – and suggestion. The opportunity to closely observe the virtuosity of the designer and his mastery of fabrics (chiffon, lace, organza, etc.) through around forty pieces exhibited along the route. Please note, the establishment will be closed on July 26 (day of the opening ceremony) and advises you to book your ticket online due to the crowds.

  • The Dior Gallery, in Paris. — GALLERY DIOR © ADRIEN DIRAND

    A must for French chic, the Dior Gallery, in the 8th arrondissement of the capital, offers a unique retrospective journey. Among the 150 new models on display, you will discover the house’s very first ready-to-wear line in 1967, “Miss Dior”, in pop and vibrant colors, but also an entire room dedicated to its scarves. Once again, online booking is strongly recommended.

  • The Museum of Decorative Arts looks at the birth of department stores. — Museum of Decorative Arts

    Are you planning to stop by the Tuileries gardens to say hello to the Olympic flame? So take a quick trip next door to the Museum of Decorative Arts. Head to the 19th century with an exhibition on the birth of Parisian department stores: Bon Marché, Samaritaine, Galeries Lafayette… More than 700 works (posters, clothes, accessories, toys, etc.) will take you on a journey through time , at the beginning of the consumer society.

    Please note, a few days of closure: July 26, August 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 28.

  • “Pocket luxury” exhibition at the Cognacq-Jay Museum. — Fabrice Gaboriau

    At the Cognacq-Jay museum (in the 3rd arrondissement), until September 29, an exhibition is devoted to “Pocket luxury”. You will not see a collection of smartphones, each more expensive than the next, but a myriad of “small precious objects from the Age of Enlightenment”: snuff boxes, makeup cases, candy boxes… All decorated with mother-of-pearl, gold or precious stones. Sophistication and chic in miniature. Please note, the museum will be closed on July 14 due to the passage of the flame (it’s still there, yes).

  • A cycling outfit (around 1900) exhibited at the Palais Galliera. — Paris Museums / Palais Galliera, Fashion Museum of the City of Paris

    In addition to the exhibition on the Italian photographer Paolo Reversi presented until July 14 at the Palais Galliera, the fashion museum of the City of Paris also offers you the second part of its themed tour “Fashion in motion” (a nod to eye on the Olympics). To see: more than 250 works around the history of clothing and sporting practice, including the ancestors of our swimsuits, our riding or cycling outfits. Please note that the museum will close from 2 p.m. on July 26.

  • The “Stage Jewels of the Comédie-Française” exhibition at the Hôtel de Mercy-Argenteau. — Benjamin Chelly

    We suggest you kill two birds with one stone, with the Mercy-Argenteau hotel, on the Grands boulevards (in the 9th), which has hosted the École des Arts Joailliers for several years (founded with Van Cleef and Arpels ). Listed as a Historic Monument, the mansion opens its doors to the public for the first time and presents a unique exhibition, until September 1, on the “Stage Jewels of the Comédie-Française”. Free entry upon reservation (the hotel will be closed on July 14 and August 15).

  • Azzedine Alaïa in his studio, in Paris, in 1976. — OTHER/SIPA

    Finally, in a slightly more specialized register, go to the Azzedine Alaïa Foundation (in the 4th) which is exhibiting works by Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata from June 24, which the fashion designer collected. More than 20 pieces of furniture and objects are presented there, put into perspective with twenty haute couture creations by Azzedine Alaïa. Something to shine at your next social dinner.



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