Brest Iroise real estate: A residence for students and young professionals will be built in 15 months

Brest Iroise real estate: A residence for students and young professionals will be built in 15 months
Brest Iroise real estate: A residence for students and young professionals will be built in 15 months

Led by BMa and Linkcity, the program includes 244 social rental housing units. This residence, attractive for its services, is part of an industrialization process. The off-site construction and assembly of prefabricated elements on site allows Linkcity to optimize construction times and guarantee the opening of the residence at the start of the 2025/2026 academic year for its manager, the Association des Amitiés d’ Armor and its lessor Axentia. The work carried out by Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest has just been launched.

A new offer of social housing for students and young workers in Plouzané

The Technopôle Brest Iroise, which concentrates research and innovation, higher education and business activities mainly in cutting-edge technological sectors, welcomed around 2,170 students in 2021, including 530 international students, an increase of 10%. in 10 years. To meet the growing demand for student social housing close to training centers and schools in the area, BMa has selected Linkcity to develop a new residence of 2 R+3 buildings offering a total capacity of 244 rooms, divided into 207 accommodations. on a total surface area of ​​nearly 5,000 m² of living space: 195 T1 housing units, 6 T2 housing units, 13 PMR studios and 6 shared accommodations of 5 units.

On the ground floor, the two buildings will offer generous common spaces: convivial room, shared kitchen, sports room, coworking space, laundry, reprographics area, etc. Note that all apartments in the residence will also be equipped with a balcony.

Located on a plot of 9,104 m², this residence is ideally located at the entrance to the Technopôle, at the intersection of Route de Saint-Anne and Avenue Alexis de Rochon, near the Auguste Piccard roundabout.

The program, developed for the social landlord AXENTIA, will be managed by Les Amitiés d’Armor, which has been established in Finistère since 1957. This association aims to promote and encourage works, institutions and actions of a social, medico-social, health and culture. It manages more than 30 establishments in the department, including 3 homes for young workers. 100% of the housing in the residence will be PLS-type assisted housing (financed by the Social Rental Loan, allocated to candidate tenants who cannot qualify for HLM rentals, but do not have sufficient income for private housing).

The architectural bias

Within an exceptional natural and plant setting, the architectural design of A3 Architectes was guided from the outset by the idea of ​​a central natural space onto which the housing would overlook and which would enhance the existing site.

The A3 Architectes project finds its identity through the intrinsic characteristics of the site, and this desire to create a building capable of generating living together, social diversity and reconciling comfort and quality of life. The embankments and wooded massifs, as well as the sunken path, are preserved and enhanced, and constitute the fundamental framework of the natural landscape on the scale of the Technopôle.

In its layout logic, the building disappears behind the trees and embankments which will act as a natural fence, particularly in summer.

The facades are shaped by a set of continuous balconies and covered with a protective wooden mesh, arranged like a garden trellis. It reinforces the integration of the building into the landscape while creating a filter that offers greater privacy for residents.

A Lego construction site: industrialized construction off-site

The project developed by Linkcity responds to both social and environmental issues. The particularity of the program is in fact based on the choice of an innovative construction method, piloted by the Brest teams of Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest and part of the BRYCK approach of Bouygues Construction; industrialized off-site construction and an efficient and sustainable solution that combines quality, comfort, cost control, optimized deadlines and reduced carbon impact.

All the constituent elements of the buildings are thus prefabricated off-site, in the factory and workshop. They are then assembled on site by Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest and its subcontractor partners. This approach applies both to the exterior of buildings, for the double walls and pre-slabs, the wooden frame facades which integrate the exterior joinery and balconies, as well as to the interior with technical ducts, bathrooms and prefabricated floor coverings.

This standardized solution makes it possible to control costs, optimize construction times (saving of 6 months compared to a separate trade site), significantly reduce nuisance on site, but also improve the quality of construction and its environmental performance. It is designed to meet high requirements for sobriety and energy performance and reach the 2025 carbon and energy thresholds of RE2020. The project also aims to obtain the Biosourced level 1 label.

Biodiversity at the heart of the project

Linkcity strives to develop projects contributing to the ecological transition of territories in order to co-build healthy and sustainable cities with its customers and partners. This residence project is a new example. It is involved in a Biodivercity labeling process, which evaluates and promotes operations promoting biodiversity in construction projects, in an approach favorable to a better balance between inhabitants and nature in cities.

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