The Crabos of CA Brive play for a place in the final against Grenoble

The Crabos of CA Brive play for a place in the final against Grenoble
The Crabos of CA Brive play for a place in the final against Grenoble

Fallers last week from Bordeaux, the Crabos of CA Brive face Grenoble this Saturday (4 p.m.) in Gerzat for a place in the final.

We can’t stop the CAB Crabs! It is not the people of Bordeaux who will say the opposite. While they had beaten the Corréziens twice in the regular phase, they suffered last Saturday, in Montpon-Ménestérol, the law of whites and blacks literally overexcited in the second half to finally win 32 to 19.

The Alamercery cadets of the CAB are only one match away from a final of the French championship

This pitfall past, the players of Jérôme Bonvoisin and Régis Lespinas will face another, Grenoble, this Saturday afternoon (4 p.m.), on the Gerzat field.

“Grenoble dominated its qualifying group and that of the playoffs as Bordeaux had done, but it is a very different team from that of the Girondins from a morphological point of view. The people of Grenoble like to hold the ball, create rhythm and volume. It’s a team that looks like us. You will first have to be good in races and in reading situations. »

Jérôme Bonvoisin, forwards coach (empty)

Like last week, the Brivistes will approach this match in the shoes of the challenger, which will not displease them. “Nothing has been easy for us this season and that’s what has built our character. We know what we have to do to make our opponents uncomfortable. Our team has made enormous progress compared to the start of the season, in particular thanks to our intermediate level players who were able to move up behind the leading players. Our group wants more.” And he fully intends to show it against Grenoble.

The CAB team. Lacoste; Peyramare, Masse, Rayeur, Papon; (o) Keletaona, (m) Laurent; Mendy, Lazerat, Bedjaoui; Camara, Ox; Tafili, Algay, Tesseyre.
Substitutes : Deram, Fonseca, Flamen, Soubira, Barret, Decourteix, Saade, El Bouhali, Shvelidze, Bento.


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