SAONE ET LOIRE (Legislative): “We make proposals that correspond to local realities,” insists Charles Landre

The various right-wing candidate, with his deputy Marie-Jeanne Philippe, emphasize their roots in the territory.

He did not ask for the nomination of his party Les Républicains, but he does not have a candidate from his party facing him. Charles Landre launched, for the third time, the legislative election campaign. Friday morning, he was in Autun with his deputy Marie-Jeanne Philippe.
They towed. With a message: “We are the only ones to campaign with proposals that correspond to local realities.” And Creusotin does not fail to emphasize that his document did not arrive from Paris, but that it highlights both the 3rd constituency Autun – Le Creusot – Chagny – Verdun sur le Doubs, and his proposals for this territory. “I chose to tour the constituency by touring all the cantons, all the communes, because I want to represent the entire territory and all of its inhabitants.”

With a clear message to residents: “There are the candidates of Le Pen, Mélenchon and Macron. I will not be an elected official. I want to bring a free and strong voice to the National Assembly. Everyone knows my positions. What concerns me is the situation of this territory. The Autun Maternity Hospital has closed. The numbers of the Police and Gendarmerie have not been reinforced. And then farmers’ incomes are still so low.
Charles Landre has his priorities: “The first is to fight against medical desertification, because it is unacceptable that part of the population cannot take care of themselves.” He also points out his adversaries: “A municipal councilor from Mâcon parachuted by the National Rally, and who does not know the territory: A rebel for whom there is the party and only the party: And a deputy who represents the failures of the President of the Republic and its Government. This observation made, the leader of the opposition to Le Creusot, assures that he wants to be a “combat deputy”. And if he did not choose the Republican label, it is because he judges that “we are in a period where we must be clear. And I defend values. I don’t want to be attached to a party. I want to be the representative of a constituency. And I will sit in the independent right group. To defend the interests of my territory and the French nation.”
Charles Landre, who received the support of Senator Fabien Genet on Thursday evening in Autun, at a public meeting, shares his “desire to rebuild the departmental right”. Finally, he tackles the Mayor of Le Creusot: “I have always presented a constant speech to the residents. I observe that on the left, the mayor of Le Creusot explained for months that it was inconceivable for him to support La France Insoumise and that in 3 days he changed his mind. Who are we laughing at ? Finally, like Rémy Rebeyrotte who changed his political position ten times, all this is nothing but deception of the voters.
Er to conclude: “The economic programs of the RN and LFI are the same, totally unrealistic, they propose to crush small businesses with charges and we already know that they will not be applied. Moreover, in this constituency any LFI vote in the first round is an RN vote because we know that LFI will never be able to win here.
I place myself very far from these small political arrangements, with my consistency on economic issues, the fight against drug trafficking and health emergencies, with my freedom of mind too. If I am elected, this will make the constancy and fierce defense of the territory a clear break with the ineffective action for the territory of Rémy Rebeyrotte.





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