start in Grenoble, end against Metz… The tango calendar for 2024-2025

The general Ligue 2 calendar for next season was validated and unveiled by the LFP this Friday, June 21, 2024. For Stade Lavallois, which will continue its third season in a row at the second national level, its first opponent of 2024- 2025 will be Grenoble, and its last, on the 34th day of this 18-team championship, will be Metz.

Resumption on Saturday August 17 and end on May 10

The 2024-2025 L2 season will resume on Saturday August 17 and end on the weekend of May 10. Note that this new exercise marks the transition to 18 clubs and therefore to 34 days.

For the very first match version 2024-2025, Laval will go to Isère where he will meet a former member of the house, the Mayennais Oswald Tanchot, who took the reins of GF38 a few weeks ago. But with a series of opponents called Grenoble, Guingamp and Metz for the first three matches of the season, the Tango will have to be ready from the start so as not to lose too many points from the start. The Messins, relegated from L1 after the play-offs against Saint-Étienne, will also be the final reception of the Mayennais at Le Basser at the end of the championship.

Laval public during the 37th day of the French L2 championship, Laval-Troyes. | JEROME FOUQUET / WEST FRANCE
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Laval public during the 37th day of the French L2 championship, Laval-Troyes. | JEROME FOUQUET / WEST FRANCE

“3-match weeks” for the first part of the season

This is a little novelty for this new year. But there will be no weeks with three days of championships in the second part of the regular season. The LFP has this time scheduled them for the first third of the calendar, namely in September with the 6th day which will take place on Tuesday 24, and in October, with the 11th day placed on Tuesday 29. But in 2025, the Coupe de France could add to the weeks of competition for clubs that will still be in the running when they enter the round of 16.

For Laval residents, the first sequence, in September, will include two trips in a row. The Tango will first go to Red Star before heading towards Rodez to finish with the reception in Pau. On the second, Laval will alternate between trips and its lair of Le Basser. The arrival in Mayenne of Clermont, relegated from Ligue 1, will be surrounded by two trips to Annecy and Bordeaux.

Home/away sequences

Generally speaking, calendars are constructed in such a way that a club alternates between matches played at home and those played away. There are always a few exceptions that slip into a season. For 2024-2025 this will be the case four times for Stade Lavallois. In particular, from September, a double trip to Red Star then to Rodez (J5 and J6). It is then in January to start the new year, that Laval will twice receive L2 training at Le Basser. Lorient and Red Star in this case (J17 and J18). The end of February will be more complex, with two trips in a row: Ajaccio and Lorient (D23 and D24). But if necessary in their quest for points in the last days, the Tango will be able to rely on the support of their public twice, by hosting Rodez and Amiens at the end of April (D31 and D32).

In 2023-2024, Stade Lavallois regularly played to sold-out crowds on its Francis-Le Basser pitch. | JEROME FOUQUET / WEST FRANCE
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In 2023-2024, Stade Lavallois regularly played to sold-out crowds on its Francis-Le Basser pitch. | JEROME FOUQUET / WEST FRANCE

A two-week “Christmas Truce”

The last day before the end-of-year holidays (the 16th) will take place on the weekend of December 14. Then, once the New Year has passed, the L2 will resume its rights from January 4, 2025 (with the 17th day).

The dates of the playoffs and play-offs

To close the season for the teams who will battle for the top 5, playoff no. 1 between the 4th and 5th in L2 will be on Tuesday May 13. The winner of this match will face the 3rd in L2 in a playoff No. 2 scheduled for Friday May 16. As for the play-off matches for accession to Ligue 1 (opposing the 16th in L1 to the winner of the L2 playoffs), the first leg will take place on Thursday, May 22, while the return leg is scheduled for Sunday, May 25.

For the teams who will fight for maintenance, this 2024-2025 exercise will also mark the return of the L2 accession play-offs, where the 16th in L2 will face the 3rde from National. The first leg will be played on Tuesday May 20 and the return will take place on Sunday May 25.

The complete Stade Lavallois schedule

1re day, August 17: Grenoble – Laval

2e day, August 24: Laval – Guingamp

3e day, August 31: Metz – Laval

4e day, September 14: Laval – Ajaccio

5e day, September 21: Red Star – Laval

6e day, September 24: Rodez – Laval

7e day, September 28: Laval – Pau

8e day, October 5: Paris FC – Laval

9e day, October 19: Laval – Dunkirk

10e day, October 26: Annecy – Laval

11e day, October 29: Laval – Clermont

12e day, November 2: Bordeaux – Laval

13e day, November 9: Laval – Bastia

14e day, November 23: Martigues – Laval

15e day, December 7: Laval – Caen

16e day, December 14: Amiens – Laval

17e day, January 4: Laval -Lorient

18e day, January 11: Laval – Red Star

19e day, January 18: Clermont – Laval

20e day, January 25: Laval – Bordeaux

21e day, 1is February: Pau – Laval

22e day, February 8: Laval – Annecy

23e day, February 15: Ajaccio – Laval

24e day, February 22: Lorient – Laval

25e day, 1is mars : Laval – Martigues

26e day, March 8: Caen – Laval

27e day, March 15: Laval – Paris FC

28e day, March 29: Guingamp – Laval

29e day, April 5: Laval – Grenoble

30e day, April 12: Bastia – Laval

31e day, April 19: Laval – Rodez

32e day, April 26: Laval – Amiens

33e day, May 3: Dunkirk – Laval

34e day, May 10: Laval – Metz



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