Golo and Ritchie: a moving bike trip from Marseille to Grigny at the cinema in August 2024

Golo and Ritchie, a film directed by Ahmed Hamidi and Martin Fougerol, tells the touching story of an internet duo on their cycling adventure. Discovered in preview at the 2024 Alpe d’Huez Festival, the film is expected in cinemas on August 14, 2024.

The film Golo and Ritchiedirected by Ahmed Hamidi et Martin Fougerolwas presented in preview at the Alpe d’Huez Festival 2024 and will be released in theaters on August 14, 2024. This feature film retraces the incredible adventure by Golo and Ritchie, an atypical and endearing duo followed by more than two million subscribers on social networks. Ritchie, suffering fromautism light, and Golo, his lifelong friend, won the hearts of the public thanks to their authenticity and their complicity. Their latest challenge: cycling the distance between Marseille and Grigny, an adventure that goes beyond simple travel to become a celebration of friendship and perseverance.

Golo and Ritchie tells the story of two inseparable friends who decide to embark on a challenge extraordinary: browse bike the distance between Marseille and Grigny. Ritchie, a cycling enthusiast with mild autism, finds in this sport a means of escape and transcendence. Golo, who has been filming their friendship for years, captures every moment of this unique adventure. The film explores the ups and downs of their journey, highlighting the values ​​of determination, mutual support and shared joy. This road trip moving is a true ode to friendship and resilience.

Golo and Ritchie is aimed at a wide audience, fans of documentaries inspiring to sports enthusiasts and human adventures. This film stands out for its authentic portrayal of friendship and autism, and for highlighting the protagonists’ daily challenges and triumphs. Viewers who enjoyed films like Untouchables, The Great Bath or Out of Standards will be touched by this sincere and inspiring story.

Golo and Ritchie is a poignant cinematic adventure that celebrates the strength of friendship and human determination. Directed by Ahmed Hamidi and Martin Fougerol, the film was previewed at the 2024 Alpe d’Huez Festival before its official theatrical release on August 14, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a true storytouching and full of hope that will resonate long after the end credits.

Official trailer for Golo and Ritchie (2024) :

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