ALÈS The local CGT union mobilizes women against the far right

This Sunday, June 23, one week before the first round of the early legislative elections, the local Union of the CGT, under the leadership of its general secretary Martine Sagit, is organizing a feminist demonstration at the Très-Saint-Jean market at 10 a.m. The desired objective is to alert people to the consequences of a possible victory for the far right at the polls and to encourage voters to support the New Popular Front.

“We must alert women to the dramatic consequences that the arrival of the far right to power could have on our living conditions, explains Martine Sagit. Rights we have fought hard for, like abortion, are under threat. The National Rally (RN) advocates a total regression on these issues.” While the CGT quickly joined the New Popular Front, a movement created just a few days ago following the dissolution of the National Assembly and the early legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, it nonetheless remains active in the field. On the contrary, it is intensifying its actions to fight against the National Rally and prevent Jordan Bardella from becoming Prime Minister in the event of an absolute majority.

The local union of the CGT of Alès-30 is located at the Bourse du Travail. • Photo Louis Valat

The last named, MEP and above all president of the RN, posted a message on social networks on June 17, viewed millions of times, in which he addresses women to try to reassure them that their rights are respected. However, as demonstrated The New Obs in a video summarizing the party’s various positions, RN elected officials do not support the emancipation of women or that of LGBTQIA+ people, whether in the National Assembly or the European Parliament. The opportunity for the CGT to reiterate its position. “We refuse regressionspecifies Martine Sagit. Whether you are a CGT student or not, we want equality between men and women. It is essential to continue fighting for equality and the right to abortion. The RN program does not mean progress for women, but regression. It is important for us to lead a strong day of action in favor of women’s rights. As mothers or future mothers, we have a duty to mobilize for the future of our youth.”

To make the voices of feminists heard and demand equal pay between men and women, a demonstration will be held this Sunday, June 23 at the Prés St Jean market at 10 a.m. The organizers expect a strong participation from associations, unions, political parties, as well as citizens. Beyond the issue of women’s rights, this mobilization also aims to protest against the National Rally and Jordan Bardella, whom Alain Martin describes as “a fascist and a racist, behind his selfies and his beautiful hairstyle, leading a party founded by the SS.”​​​​​​​ The tone is set.



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