7th district. Christophe Bex: “I have never been to the extreme left”

7th district. Christophe Bex: “I have never been to the extreme left”
7th district. Christophe Bex: “I have never been to the extreme left”

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The Nupes alliance allowed him to win the Legislative elections in 2022. The outgoing deputy, Christophe Bex (LFI) now salutes the Sacred Union of the left in the 7th constituency, with the New Popular Front. Two blocks now face each other.

When your name is Christophe Bex, you have worked for 42 years, including 16 years “at the PTT”, as he says, at 62, “I don’t forget where I come from”. The outgoing LFI deputy, relaxed, smiling and talkative in his office in Muret, which in a few days became his campaign premises, also refers to his chair in the National Assembly. “I do not forget that I am a Nupes MP. If there had not been this alliance of the left in 2022, I would not have been elected. I wouldn’t have even made it to the second round! “. Two years ago, Christophe Bex was a fervent activist in his 7th constituency. “But I was not one of the elected officials. » Thanks to the support of all the Nupes, activists and local elected officials, he wore his deputy cap (er, his beret!) by scoring nicely at 51.17%.

Became an orphan again from the Nupes to the Europeans

Sunday June 7, “I was an orphan of Nupes. I deplore the division of the left among Europeans,” he confesses. The dissolution of the National Assembly – “the strategy of shock” he says, and now this Sacred Union of the left with the New Popular Front, makes it possible to reshuffle the cards on June 30 in the 7th constituency…

“I found a family with the New Popular Front”

“I found a host family.” With the PS (1), the PCF, the Ecologists, Generations S, “all the components of the new Popular Front now support me in the constituency and I welcome this support”. During the European elections, “in our constituency the voters took the biggest stick to hit Macron! They expressed anger. It was a referendum on Macron! »
For the outgoing deputy, History, that of Léom Blum in 1936, can be rewritten. “Who today would come back to this great advance in paid leave? The NFP does not have a far-left program at all. I myself am on the left, I have never been on the extreme left! “

Great local victories

“When, since my mandate, I avoid a class closure in a school, when I fight for the maintenance of a railway line, or for the opening of a local business, well these are great victories,” he continues. In the territory of Grand Muretain, Christophe Bex who lives in Venerque, does not forget either that “we are part of the constituencies of France where Eric Ciotti rose with the National Rally… What I no longer call Republicans! When we believe that all is lost, that France is Navy Blue, I say that with the New Popular Front, we must win. We will win ! »

(1) Sylvie Germa (PS), deputy mayor of Muret, is his deputy.


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