the results of outgoing deputies in Deux-Sèvres

the results of outgoing deputies in Deux-Sèvres
the results of outgoing deputies in Deux-Sèvres

Elected in 2022, their mandate ended prematurely on June 9. It is time to take stock of outgoing deputies Bastien Marchive (Radical Party, presidential majority), Delphine Batho (Ecology Generation, Nupes until December 2023) and Jean-Marie Fiévet (Together, presidential majority). All three represent themselves.

Bastien Marchive, 1re constituency

Member of the Economic Affairs Committee, the deputy of 1re constituency Bastien Marchive was narrowly elected against the left. He was an active member of the Renaissance group, although he sometimes distanced himself (as during the asylum and immigration law, voted in December and on which he abstained). He notably supported pension reform, while proposing amendments. He also took up the issue of urban sprawl by contributing to the proposed law aimed at supporting elected officials in implementing the fight against land take.

Delphine People, 2e constituency

The MP for 2e constituency Delphine Batho was part of the law commission. Originally a member of Nupes, the left-wing alliance, she broke away from it in December 2023, marking her distance from the comments of certain members of France Insoumise on the subject of the terrorist acts of Hamas. Unlike the vast majority of the left, she had also voted against the motion to reject the immigration law, fearing the adoption of a harsher text because it had been negotiated with the Senate – a fear which was also verified a few days later. She was also critical of the violence during the Sainte-Soline demonstrations.

Jean-Marie Fiévet, 3e constituency

The deputy for northern Deux-Sèvres Jean-Marie Fiévet (Ensemble) is involved in the defense committee of the National Assembly. He is notably part of the NATO parliamentary assembly. Faithful to the presidential majority, he was in favor of pension reform. He also voted for the immigration law, despite the reservations of certain Renaissance deputies. If we stick to the raw figures, it remains a little less invested than the others within the Hemicycle, with only thirty-seven amendments proposed and no bill submitted.

The investment of deputies measured according to different criteria.
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they voted

> Loi immigration. Against: Delphine Batho. For: Jean-Marie Fiévet; Abstention: Bastien Marchive.

> Constitutionalization of voluntary termination of pregnancy. For: Bastien Marchive, Delphine Batho, Jean-Marie Fiévet.

> “Anti-squat” law, against the illegal occupation of housing. Against: Delphine Batho For: Bastien Marchive. Jean-Marie Fiévet did not take part in the vote.



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