A unique crossing from Cap d’Agde for a good cause

The swimmers took to the sea on Thursday, towards Catalonia.

Credit : DR

From the Tamarissière lighthouse in Agde, a team of eight experienced swimmers set off yesterday to connect the French and Spanish coasts over a distance of 120 kilometers. This world first aims to support the National Society for Rescue at Sea (SNSM)the only organization approved in France for maritime rescue.

The 107 kilometers of sea will be covered in relays by a team of seasoned swimmers, including figures such as Jean-Louis Arnaud, Kevyn Arnaud, Axel Van De Vech, and Didier Castagna. Each of these athletes will bring their strength and experience to take on this extraordinary challenge, united by a common goal: crossing the Gulf of Lion and supporting a noble cause.

A physical but also humanitarian challenge

In 2022, SNSM volunteers rescued 14,081 people, but despite their commitment, the organization faces a significant increase in its operational costs. It is in this context that the profits from the NSA SWIM TRANS CAP will be entirely donated to the SNSM, thus contributing to security and rescue on the French coasts.

The Longo Maï catamaran, a Lagoon 400 sailboat measuring 12 by 7 meters, will serve as a mobile and secure logistics base for this adventure. Piloted by Jean Nouis and Marc Bayle, this catamaran based in Sète offers a stable and secure platform to accompany swimmers throughout their journey. The start of the NSA SWIM TRANS CAP marks the beginning of an epic journey that combines courage, endurance and solidarity.

Arrival scheduled for tomorrow morning at Port de la Selva. On RTS this morning, Jean Nouis, who accompanies the swimmers with his catamaran. He tells how the idea germinated in the head of the initiator of the project, Jean-Louis Arnaud. He lives in Cap d’Agde with the famous Cap de Creus opposite his home.



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