Agde: between the opposition and the majority, a climate of distrust at its peak

Agde: between the opposition and the majority, a climate of distrust at its peak
Agde: between the opposition and the majority, a climate of distrust at its peak

In a dull municipal council meeting on Thursday, June 20, the oral questions asked by Fabienne Varesano and Thierry Nadal at the start of the session once again highlighted the immense gap that separates the elected representatives of Agatha.

This is one of the perverse effects of the Gilles D’Ettore affair: within the Agde municipal council, the climate of mistrust and suspicion has reached a stage never reached in the past.

For the minority, who like Thierry Nadal, have constantly demanded – in vain – the resignation of the municipal council so that new elections can be called, the arrival of Sébastien Frey in the mayor’s chair n has not been digested. Also, the opposition does not hold back from firing on all cylinders during the oral questions at the start of the session, as the rules authorize.

Varesano denounces “fictitious jobs”

Representative of the National Rally, Fabienne Varesano asked the mayor multiple questions. On Sodéal and the “largesse” granted by the former director, pointed out by the report of the Court of Auditors – “Has a complaint been filed by the City, a shareholder of the company?”the elected official wondered – or the repair of the Trinquette and Beaupré quays, still by Sodéal, “while that of the Jean-Miquel quay had been done by the City.”

More serious, Fabienne Varesano denounced “fictitious jobs” supposed to be in town hall “and in its satellites”without further details, “a system put in place by your predecessor.” “To my knowledge, there are no fictitious jobs in the community”replied Sébastien Frey. “But in the event that precise facts justify the doubt that you insinuate, I will be intransigent and my decision would be radical.”

Where we talk again about the quays of Cape Town

On Sodéal, the mayor, who has not been a director of this company for ten years (he has become one again since his election, Editor’s note), assured Fabienne Varesano “that he [s’informerait] of the situation in the coming days and I will come back to you during the back-to-school municipal council.” As for the renovation of the Trinquette and Beaupré quays, Sébastien Frey explained that it had been financed by Sodéal, “given the need to carry out network work, in order to deploy the system of connected terminals to better manage flows (water, electricity) used by boaters. An investment of 2 million euros for the company, while the work on the Trirème quay, the urgent nature of which was also underlined by the report of the Court of Auditors, “will be financed by the City”announced Sébastien Frey.

Nadal fires at the mayor’s office

In another register, Thierry Nadal for his part attacked the “advisors of Gilles D’Ettore (the former members of his cabinet, Editor’s note). Are you going to keep them in place or not? “he asked Sébastien Frey once again. “The scale of the current legal case should make you question their skills, they who saw nothing coming”the doctor said ironically. “I confirmed the organization of the services and the office”, specified the new mayor. Who regretted that Thierry Nadal did not question him instead “on the implementation of the commercial revitalization of the heart of the city, which interests the people of Agatha, or the launch of the tourist season, an important subject. Instead, you continue, and I regret it, to be in a process of denigration and insinuations that border on defamation.” Ambiance.



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