Two twin sisters opened a beauty salon in Dieppe

Two twin sisters opened a beauty salon in Dieppe
Two twin sisters opened a beauty salon in Dieppe


Cleo Louis

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June 21, 2024 at 6:34 a.m.

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Notre Bulle is the story of two twin sisters who are passionate about hairdressing, the other about beauty and nail care. For more than ten years, Odile Le Gentil and Cécile Calbry have worked in their respective branches at Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), sometimes together and other times separately. “It has always gone well between us, from a professional and personal point of view,” says Cécile Calbry.

This year, the two sisters took the plunge by opening a salon that brings together their respective activities, a project that they had had in mind for a long time.

For hairdressing, you can count on Odile’s expertise, while for beauty and nail treatments, Cécile will be happy to pamper you. Services are offered for the whole family, children, women and men, for an experience of complete well-being.

An eco-responsible approach

One of the particularities of Notre Bulle lies in the use of natural and French products.

In addition, Cécile and Odile want maximum transparency regarding the products used: “Everything we use is right here, in full view of customers,” explains Odile. Regarding the products offered for sale, no surprise, they are exactly the same as those used during the services.

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Always in a sustainable approach, Notre Bulle is also part of a hair recycling process, with the Association Coiffeurs Justes. Thus, the cut hair is recovered by the association which, with the help of its collaborators, then works on their transformation and reuse, particularly in the fight against oil spills or in insulation.

An all-in-one living room

“We thought that customers would be especially interested in the natural side of our products, but ultimately what they prefer is being able to do everything in one place,” smiles Odile.

Indeed, the diversity of services offered is an asset for the establishment. Eyelash enhancement, hair removal, coloring, modeling, facial treatments, manicures, makeup… so many services that can be performed in the same place, saving significant time. “Clients are often stressed when they have to prepare for an event, they have to make lots of appointments everywhere and run around. But here, they can do it all in one go! », exclaims Cécile.

Notre Bulle, beauty salon, at 4 rue Duquesne in Dieppe. Open Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday to Saturday. Closed Wednesday and Sunday.

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