Her baby marked by two skull fractures, the mother refuses to admit the violence

Her baby marked by two skull fractures, the mother refuses to admit the violence
Her baby marked by two skull fractures, the mother refuses to admit the violence

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In July 2023, an 11-month-old baby was entrusted to the pediatric emergency room in Toulouse. Doctors identified numerous bruises and two skull fractures. The mother, who looked after the child, rejects all violence. However, the court convicted him.

“She is fine. When I picked her up, it was terrible. She wouldn’t sleep at night, jumped at the slightest noise and was afraid of adults. I even stopped working to take care of her. Today She has evolved a lot and, normally, she will not have any after-effects from these injuries. Only I don’t know what I could say to her to explain all this and the absence of her mother.”

At the bar of the Toulouse criminal court, this father remains calm but distraught. Behind him, a young brunette woman. For almost an hour, the president questioned her, repeating the questions to try to obtain explanations. “She came across her music box, that’s all,” says Laureen, 25.

The nanny had reported violence

Her daughter, Jasmine, was 11 months old at the time. She raised him alone, in Toulouse after leaving the Paris region without warning the father. This not really wanted baby, born from a short relationship, was finally entrusted to the pediatric emergency room in Toulouse on the night of July 21, 2023. The doctors quickly alerted the prosecution.

“Her father was supposed to pick her up on July 22. This is what pushed the mother to call the SAMU. The blows, not a single blow, blows, of unfortunately usual violence, date from July 14 and before. July 15 on the beach in Gruissan, the photos of the little one show the hematoma on her face A boxer’s prick on an 11-month-old child”, denounces Me Morgan Dupoux, the father’s lawyer.

Pressed with questions, confronted with her own contradictions, the mother assistant in a nursery (!) before being fired, admits nothing. When the president summarizes the testimony of the nanny who looked after the child, she shakes her head negatively. However, well before July 14, this woman sought to raise awareness. Without success. When the police came to question her, she described the bruises that covered the little girl. She had kept photos.

An accident ? “Impossible” for the prosecutor

“I have no doubt,” warns the father. “She is responsible for the violence against her daughter!” The prosecutor demands two years in prison, one year of which is closed. For the magistrate, “the accident does not hold. The various experts affirm it. Two skull fractures from a simple fall, in a bed, on a toy, it is not possible”.

Laureen, fired from the nursery where she worked in Toulouse following “negligence” which the young woman disputes before the industrial tribunal, continues to cling to the theory of the accident. Her defender supports her. Me Serge D’Hers was not heard by the court.

Found guilty, the mother was sentenced to two years in prison with suspended probation accompanied by an obligation of care, work and compensation for her daughter, represented by an ad hoc administrator. The judges, three women, withdrew his parental rights and banned him, for five years, from practicing a profession related to children.



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