the town hall finds that the State is not doing enough

the town hall finds that the State is not doing enough
the town hall finds that the State is not doing enough

Since 2017, it is the daily life of the inhabitants of this district which has seen the formation of a wild market on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but not only. A situation which is getting bogged down beyond Olivier Berzane, the mayor of the 8th arrondissement of Lyon and Mohamed Chihi, deputy for safety, security and tranquility at Lyon City Hall. Both are calling on the prefecture to stem the phenomenon.

“We are reaching the end of our possibilities with our strength alone. We appeal to our state partner to allow us the tranquility and public order that it deserves like all the districts of Lyon“, declaims Mohamed Chihi.

“We need a strong stop sign to show that the law also applies in poor neighborhoods“, adds the mayor of the 8th arrondissement. According to the councilor, the prefect said she was ready to find solutions for residents and traders, for the moment without a concrete response. The town hall is requesting the deployment of the national police which had already been effective for the wild markets of Minguettes and La Guillotière.

Half-hearted efficiency

“For four months, we have been taking municipal police forces from all of the city’s districts to increase the presence on the market“, explains Mohamed Chihi, deputy for safety, security and tranquility at Lyon Town Hall. From 6 a.m., the municipal police patrol until 3 p.m. Despite a presence which does not allow the installation of the wild market during the traditional.

“We have played our role in the United States market. Now we have to take care of the other times of the day in this space“, admits the deputy at the town hall at the heart of the wild market then in progress.

It is a problem of public order and tranquility faced by Olivier Berzane and Mohamed Chihi, and it is growing. “Sellers are coming further and further“, explains the environmentalist, pointing to the numerous parked cars serving as stands.

Disrepair and permanent insecurity

During the day, at least 300 sellers set up shop from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m., at which time the market fades, leaving behind a pile of waste that will remain until the next morning. “The scale of the cleaning to be done pushes us to mobilize agents from other maintenance parties in the neighborhood who are lacking in the rest“, laments the mayor of Lyon. Statements confirmed by a local resident with supporting photos.

“It’s a beautiful spectacle for the people who come to our neighborhood to see this unpacking“, she said exasperatedly. “We are only moving the problem. I no longer see any solutions“, laments Christine, who has lived in the neighborhood since she was born.

Contacted, the Rhône prefecture reminds that the markets are the responsibility of the town hall and the municipal police. “The national police intervene when you call 17, they also carry out investigations into trafficking, particularly cigarettes.” she says. Since the start of the year, the prefecture has indicated a drop in delinquency of 15% in the 8th arrondissement. “It clearly shows that we are here and that it is bearing fruit” she says regarding the situation of the street market in the United States district.



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