Demonstration for Gaza and Palestine in Clermont-Ferrand

Around 400 very dynamic people gathered on Saturday March 9 at Place de Jaude in Clermont-Ferrand, as well as the local LFI MP, under pouring rain and strong wind, to demand an immediate ceasefire, an end to massacres in Gaza and the West Bank, and denounce the ongoing genocide. 3,500 leaflets were distributed ahead of the demonstration by the AFPS and LFI.

A representative of the NPA read the appeal of the collective of 33 organizations (**), with the sound system of the Solidaires truck. The AFPS then provided a current update on the ongoing genocide, and on the complicity of the USA and France, which takes no real sanctions against Israel. The AFPS denounced the barbaric siege which imposes famine and its procession of horrors.

The demonstrators then marched through the city center to the sound of vigorous slogans. Once on the steps of the Prefecture, a representative of Attac made a much appreciated intervention on behalf of the collective on the suffering and struggles of Palestinian women.

The AFPS Clermont-Ferrand then informed about its upcoming meetings, called for a boycott of Carrefour, TEVA and Israeli dates (particularly during Ramadan), and denounced the prefectural ban for Sunday March 10 of a collective rise of Palestinian flag at Puy-de-Dôme echoing ”100 summits for Gaza”.

The demonstration was covered by Radio Bleu and a little by FR3, and the daily La Montagne publicized the press release from the 63 PJD collective following the prefectural ban.

(**) Collective 63 for a just and lasting Peace (33): AFPS 63, Amis Huma 63, Amis Temps Cerises, Attac 63, Asso Éduc Interculturelle, Blouses Blanches Gaza 63, Cimade 63, CGT-UD 63, Collective Nous aussi -63, Confédération Paysanne 63, DAL 63, EELV 63, FPRA, FSU 63, Génération.s 63, Young Communists 63, Young Ecologists 63, Young Generations 63, LFI 63, Free Thought 63, LDH 63, MRAP 63, NPA 63, Nouvelle Donne 63, PCF 63, PG 63, RESF 63, Syndicat Avocats France 63, Solidaires 63, Union Etudiante Auvergne, Urgence Gaza 63, Voix lycéenne 63, 4ACG Auvergne.



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