Grenoble: this is the district where the richest live

Grenoble: this is the district where the richest live
Grenoble: this is the district where the richest live


Ugo Maillard

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June 20, 2024 at 11:04 a.m.

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Which district of Grenoble has the wealthiest residents? L’Observatory of inequalities has published its 2024 report in which an assessment is drawn up on the richest inhabitants and their profile in France.

By relying on data from INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), the observatory also makes it possible to understand in detail where the richest are concentrated by municipality and even by district of cities.

In the capital of the Alps, the neighborhoods where the wealthiest live are, unsurprisingly, in the city center.

Victor Hugo in the lead

The neighborhoods with the wealthiest residents are located near the city center. In first place in the ranking, we find Créqui-Victor Hugo, followed by Préfecture and Saint-André.

In Victor Hugo, the median standard of living is 2 657 euros per month and per inhabitant.

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Here is the full ranking:

We note the presence of two districts of Île Verte in the top 10.

The Harlequin at the back of the pack

Of the 68 neighborhoods of Grenoble examined, the Arlequin sector is the one with the fewest wealthy people.

The median standard of living is 1,136 per month per inhabitant in the southern sector of Grenoble.

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