Another difficult evening for the Senior Warriors

Another difficult evening for the Senior Warriors
Another difficult evening for the Senior Warriors

But on Wednesday night, for the second time in a few days, they gave their fans an embarrassing performance as they lost 12-5 to the Saint-Jean Pirates. Following their first turn at bat, the visitors were already leading 4-0 and we were no longer expecting miracles from this beautiful, warm evening.

In Granby, we say to ourselves that the Warriors (4-8) have chances when Oscar Nakaoshi, especially, and Carlos Naveda, whom they brought from Brazil and Venezuela and who do not volunteer, show up on the mound . Nakaoshi has the four victories for the locals and Naveda, after a difficult start, has been throwing better in recent weeks. But then, on Wednesday, he didn’t have it.

He didn’t have it, but we agree that his defense didn’t help him either, notably committing two big errors in the first round. That said, his defense is not responsible for the five walks he allowed in five innings of work. In total, he allowed seven earned runs, out of a possible nine, and six hits, but still struck out seven batters.

The Warriors’ shelter was soon quiet. (The Voice of the East)

Naveda throws fire balls. But the rest…

Interviewed during the match, Guerriers general manager François Giasson said he was working hard to get his hands on at least one additional quality arm. Because you see, Nakashi can’t pitch every night.

But to return to the match itself, note that Nicolas Loiseau hit two hits and produced five runs in favor of the Pirates. Sean Jackson hit a three-run homer. We’ll spare you the rest.

For the Guerriers, Alexandre Major-Barrette and Anthony Choquette produced two runs each, the first with two hits. The most fervent fans will say that the five points recorded against the Pirates constitute their best production so far.

“It’s difficult, but our morale remains good,” explained Choquette. We don’t like to put on performances like the last two at home, but we knew that there would be some evenings that were tougher than others. We are the first, we must remember that this team did not exist six months ago. But we will not give up, I can assure you that we will not give up.”

The Warriors will face the Acton Vale Castors (9-3) Friday evening, again at the Stade Napoléon-Fontaine.



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