Quebec acupuncturist Bending Zhou guilty of sexual assault

Quebec acupuncturist Bending Zhou guilty of sexual assault
Quebec acupuncturist Bending Zhou guilty of sexual assault

After just one day of deliberations, the jury found acupuncturist Bending Zhou guilty of sexually assaulting a patient.

During a consultation in February 2023, the 71-year-old man took the opportunity to touch the vulva of his client, in her sixties.

The victim described the actions taken by this acupuncturist who founded the Center for Chinese Medicine of Quebec, in Charlesbourg.

Mr. Zhou, who testified in his defense, refuted the allegations, but the jurors clearly did not believe him.

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Bending Zhou began his practice in the 1990s and founded the Quebec Chinese Medicine Center, according to information found on that company’s website.

Photo: Page X (previously Twitter) Chinese Medicine Center of Quebec

The septuagenarian did not have the slightest reaction when juror number 7 announced the verdict on behalf of the eight men and four women of the jury.

Crying victim

The victim, present in the room, burst into tears upon hearing the decision. Bending Zhou’s wife and daughter also shed tears upon hearing the verdict.

This is a first criminal conviction for this acupuncturist who had already been sanctioned several times by his professional order.

The jury was not informed of his disciplinary history, but this health professional is subject to a seven-year disbarment for having performed abusive and inappropriate actions of a sexual nature on two patients at the beginning of the year. 2023.


This was a recurrence since he had been disbarred around ten years earlier for inappropriate actions committed against four patients. The acupuncturist had notably touched their breasts during treatments.

With his criminal conviction, he now faces a prison sentence. Me René Verret, who represents him with Me Jean-François Boucher, announced to Judge Carl Thibault that he will request a sentence to be served in the community.

Me Andréanne Sirois and Me Michel Bérubé presented the proof of DPCP during the trial which lasted a little over two weeks. They will ask for a firm prison sentence without having yet announced the duration they will request.

Observations on the sentence will take place in July. Bending Zhou is on conditional release pending sentencing.



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