“It’s an important test, but I prefer to revise my specialties”

“It’s an important test, but I prefer to revise my specialties”
“It’s an important test, but I prefer to revise my specialties”

2,200 high school students from Corsica took the baccalaureate philosophy test on Tuesday June 18. A test that is still special for candidates even if it has lost its importance in the calculation of coefficients.

With Plato on the menu and his “true political art”, Serine Herzi, 17, drew on the themes that she says she masters best.

“Freedom and justice are everyday notions that we currently live with, and which will pursue us until the end of our daysexplains the high school student. Justice with equality, and our moral also at the same time, which corresponds with freedom and our free will too. I also talked about it in my copy.”

Another choice, Is nature hostile to man? Can science satisfy our need for truth? And even better for Vanina Fernandez, 18 years old: theANDDoes the state owe us anything?

“My reasoning was based on the fact that yes, the State owed us somethingreplies the young girl. And I spoke above all about moral duty, therefore the moral obligation that the State has, but also about freedom. Because the State must guarantee us freedom, but freedom must also come from ourselves.”

The pleasure of thinking is the particularity of this event and this Tuesday morning, on the school square, we felt this enthusiasm. But calculated enthusiasm nonetheless. Philosophy weighs a coefficient of 4 or 8 out of a total of 100 for a technological or general baccalaureate.

“It’s still an important test, but I prefer to revise my specialties what philosophy in relation to the coefficient”, entrusts Marc Antoine Pacci, 17 years old.

“We have three days in a row of tests and next week, we have the big oralthat’s a lot of load of work for us. I hope we will make notere better”, delivers Maël Gabard, 18 years old.

There is some bread on a wooden board. More than 2,200 high school students will continue their tests next week and until the beginning of July for the grand oral.

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Speakers: Serine Herzi, 17 years old, technological series baccalaureate; Vanina Fernandez, 18 years old general baccalaureate; Marc Antoine Pacci, 17 years old General Bac Maths-SVT; Mael Gabard, 18 years old general baccalaureate Maths-Computer Science.




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