“We must give Corsica the means to be dynamic”

“We must give Corsica the means to be dynamic”
“We must give Corsica the means to be dynamic”
– Why did you decide to run for a second time in the legislative elections?
I decided to run because politics is a fight, and you only lose the fights you don’t fight. If we were present in 2022, it was because we had things to say. It is natural for a politician to fight, even in the face of adversity. It is with great serenity that we are taking this step again.

– What is, for you, the main issue of this election?
The main challenge is to have a parliament that fully plays its role: to be a place for debate and the construction of a fair path for our fellow citizens. For this, we need committed parliamentarians, and I believe I am one of them. The Radical Party is deeply parliamentary, we understand the importance of institutions and we want to defend our values ​​there in the service of as many people as possible.

– You are with Laurent Marcangeli, the only Corsican candidate supported by the presidential majority…
I take any support that comes from respectable people. We must respect voters, it is a republican principle. I did not run with the presidential majority so as not to be locked into a strict framework. We want to approach local issues with a global vision. We listen to people to propose satisfactory answers to the National Assembly. Issues such as the war in Ukraine, purchasing power, electricity, ecology, and the Bastia hospital remain relevant, proving that the fight is not won by anyone.

– Who are the main supporters of your candidacy beyond the elected representatives of the majority?
– I can count on my base, including Jean-Martin Mondoloni (co-president of the Un Soffiu novu group at the Corsican Assembly), Sébastien de Casalta, Jean Zucarelli (Unione per Bastia), Hélène Salge (Corsican federation of the Radical Party)… We have led a number of battles together, never opportunistically. We are an arc, not a front. Only unity for a project will be able to provide solutions for the future.

– You pleaded for a rally from left to right, but no agreement was reached with Julien Morganti. What are the main differences and why was an agreement not possible?
Now that the campaign is launched, I will not comment on my competitors. There are eleven candidates on the starting line to reach the second round. If Michel Castellani seems favorite for the second round, I would like to be there too. Everyone is free to make their choices, I am not here to comment on them.

– You mentioned your desire to fight all extremes. What, in your opinion, are the most urgent dangers that these movements represent for Corsica and France?
– This represents a blocking of institutions, inconsiderate spending… I think that when things are bad, people can be afraid. And when they do, they sometimes tend to overreact. We are there, as politicians, to tell them to be careful in the face of “cures worse than the illnesses”. I believe in the virtues of parliament, it allows us to balance debates to build a future.

– In your constituency, there are a large number of candidates. Do you think that this plurality risks dividing voices and favoring the extremes?
It’s always a risk, but it’s up to voters to make informed choices. We accept the democratic fact, and it is important not to disempower voters. Voting is a duty and an extraordinary power, which can lead to beautiful things. We must build while remembering history. I think that we should not listen to our fears, but that we must act for the world that we want to see tomorrow.

– Concerning your program, what are your main themes of your campaign?
– There is purchasing power, already. We must find a way out of this spiral. I am also thinking of the Bastia hospital. But I’m not being demagogy. I am in favor of its creation provided that it serves the interests of the Corsicans. I am not a separatist, so I am not seeking to create institutions with a view to potential independence. I am looking for an evolution in the service of the nation as it is.

– If you are elected, how will you continue the parliamentary work for the autonomous status?
– We will have to resume this work. I think we started well, but finished unsatisfactorily. The Beauvau process was intended to list the major questions concerning Corsica. It is clear that the island is a Mediterranean island territory which responds to particular problems. I really believe that the situation needs to change. However, I don’t believe in a magic formula.

– What measures will you take to support the purchasing power of Corsicans?
– It is a very poor region. The tax must be implemented in a volume that is bearable for everyone. Even if it constitutes a company, it must not be confiscatory. You have to be careful about this position. We must also quickly be able, in the National Assembly, to maintain and improve what the energy tariff shield has been. What makes us poor is in particular consuming essential products that cost more than is reasonable. We must also give Corsica the means to be dynamic, to find a real economy that will create wealth.

– What arrangements do you imagine to promote access to housing?
– Housing is one of the crucial subjects. I was part of a municipality that did a lot for social housing. We must not denigrate these structures. In terms of quality, aesthetics and standards, these homes can look good and provide people with housing. You have to build intelligently. It can also be an alternative to private housing, in order to maintain a balance in prices.

– What about environmental and climate issues in your program?
– The environmental aspect is quite simply what will allow us to still be on this planet in future generations. Which brings me to talk about energy, even if we are not going to build power stations in Corsica. Today we cannot continue in the production system that we follow. Why not move towards hydrogen. Projects have been brought forward by Corsicans to the National Assembly on this subject, but we must go faster, further. We also need an ecology at the service of agriculture. The two subjects are not opposed.

– What actions will you take to allow better access to health care for Corsicans? Will you continue the work started to create a university hospital center (CHU) on the island?
– We need more doctors, but also to treat caregivers better. Health is a whole. The hospital is a public service which must be of quality. We need it in this marriage that seems to be taking shape. Concerning the CHU, I am in favor if it brings improvements. The project must make sense, since it will not be the magic wand in the overall response that we must provide. Above all, we must have a hospital worthy of the name in Bastia.

– How do you plan to mobilize your voters?
– By my speech, and by my presence as much as possible on the ground in this particularly short period of time. We want to mobilize them through modern means such as social networks, and also through the press.



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