Dole & region. Column: on June 21, sound will invade the town | Weekly 39

The members of the association: from left to right: Antoine Ponce the president, Julien Girard the treasurer, Thomas Perry and Jérémy Roy.

The Colonne cultural association “on part en live” is preparing to vibrate the streets of this small town of less than 300 inhabitants with an exceptional musical event on Saturday June 21. Founded in 2019 to supervise an amateur music group, the association has continued to enrich local cultural life, and after a year of break, it is back in force responding to public demand.

A long-awaited return

After having organized the music festival twice and taking a one-year break, the association returns with a more ambitious and more spectacular event. “ The public asked for this festive and friendly moment, so we decided to turn up the volume and create a real musical festival in the heart of our town. », Explains Antoine Ponce, president of the association.

An eclectic program

Three groups will share the stage: The Wooden, a stoner rock band will start the evening, followed by a progressive rock band Great Akash of Haute-Saône, and finally the Ze Kingzgrunge rock punk from Doubs will close the evening.

The organization of this event is based on the commitment of four enthusiasts. “ We manage everything from A to Z, helped by around fifteen volunteers and supported by the municipality of Colonne. », Specifies a member of the association.

Between rock, grunge and stoner, everyone will find what they are looking for and will be able to enjoy a festive and friendly atmosphere. On-site catering and presence of a microbrewery and a craft brewery in the area.

Appointment Friday June 21 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the village center. Free entry.



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