Work information in Montbéliard: Rue du Château

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Two major road projects are currently underway in Montbéliard. One concerns Rue du Château, work on which began at the beginning of the year, and the other Rue Jean Bauhin, for which work began more than a year ago, with the burying of the networks. These two projects are entering the final development phase and deserve a detailed presentation in view of the planned changes.

The redevelopment of the surroundings of the castle started last year with the resumption of the Wilson crossroads continues. This year, it is the turn of Rue du Château to undergo major redevelopment work. This project, like the Wilson crossroads last year, is part of the current castle site reconversion project. It aims to create a quality urban environment around the acropolis, in order to enhance the castle and its architecture. In a way, for the City of Montbéliard it is a question of magnifying the castle by creating a high-quality urban setting all around it.

Started last January, the work initially focused on the water and gas networks. A first intervention carried out by GRDF consisted of replacing the gas pipes as an extension of the work carried out on rue de Belfort. Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération then intervened on the water network with the companies mandated for this. These first works completed, the City can now undertake the complete redevelopment of rue du Château in its upward part, located between rue du Bourg-Vauthier and the porch of the Château.

Quality amenities

The proposed developments concern parking, roads and green spaces. The project was conceived and designed entirely in-house. In order to clear the view and make it more pleasant, the longitudinal parking spaces, located on the right going up, will be removed. Those in battle, on the left along the wall, will be reorganized and will benefit from a qualitative treatment combining permeable surfaces (to facilitate the infiltration of rainwater) and mineral surfaces. They will be arranged in spurs to reduce the extent of parking on the road and reinforce the perception of one-way traffic. The materials used, granite slabs, borders, paving stones, etc. will all be of high quality both in terms of resistance and aesthetics.

A greater place for gentle modes of travel

In place of the longitudinal parking lot, a lane reserved for pedestrians and cyclists will be created. With a width of 4.5m, it will allow different categories of users to circulate in complete safety. Made from porphyry paving stones, it will be separated from the roadway by a vegetated bed (planting of grasses). The staircase of Square Vittini will also be taken over, as will the sandblasted square.

New public lighting better integrated into the site.

Public lighting will also be renovated. New masts (10 in total), equipped with brackets and lanterns equipped with LED bulbs, in the style of those installed at Place Saint-Martin, will be installed. This will require running new electrical cables. This work is currently underway, as are those for the rainwater network. At the same time, ENEDIS will replace the transformer located at the intersection of rue du Bourg Vauthier and rue du Château with more compact equipment, which will also provide a clearer view. The wall, between the square staircase and the transformer room, will also be taken over. The public space located to the right of the gatehouse is, for its part, the subject of a project designed and led by the Architect of Buildings of France. Work should be launched during the first half of 2025.

Reopening of Rue du Château in the fall of this year, a second phase in 2025

The work will be spread over several months. The complete reopening of rue du Château should not take place before November. A solution will nevertheless be found so that waste collection trucks can use the street from August. This work will be followed, in 2025, by the redevelopment of the descending part of rue du Château, up to its intersection with rue de Belfort.

The cost of the work for the rising part is €499,000. This sum is included in the overall cost of the conversion of the castle site.

Access to the esplanade during the works.

The passage of pedestrians and motorists is prohibited on the portion currently under construction. The public who wishes to go to the castle, in particular to see the Oehmichen exhibition on the esplanade, is invited to go up Rue du Bourg-Vauthier and part of Rue de la Schliffe to the stairs of Rue des Etaux. Then take the second part of rue du Château to go up to the porch.

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