the festival that lights up the city of Metz

the festival that lights up the city of Metz
the festival that lights up the city of Metz

Laser scenography, immersive and interactive installations or video mapping, the Constellations 2024 festival offers a unique and free discovery of digital art from June 20 to August 31, 2024 in Metz.

These are the latest feats of digital art. 35 international artists and 19 works and creations, the Constellations festival in Metz unveils its most beautiful dresses of light from June 20 to August 31, 2024. Several routes are to be discovered free of charge throughout this summer.

This eighth edition of the festival highlights the beauty of Metz heritage. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, the facade of Saint-Étienne Cathedral is transformed according to the pixels. The route called “Digital Stones” takes you through the streets and on the facades for a stroll of almost 7 km.

Digital works illuminate the facades at night, to be discovered during urban walks.

© Myriam Mannhart / France Télévision

In the Cour d’Or museum, luminous doors invite you to find the way, while the musical city, at Trinitaires, invites you to rediscover the sun, through the eyes of artists.

“The symbolic power of the sun is powerful. It is the foundation of our societies, of our philosophies, of our beliefs. It is a vast field and then today questions about energy, that is one thing to which we turn to find solutions”, explains the creator of the work “Oh Lord” Guillaume Marmin.

The rounded lines of the German door are enriched with geometric shapes in contrasting colors. A fresh look through materials and design.

At the ephemeral garden on Place de la Comédie, a creation based on sound vibrations immerses you in a sensory and tactile universe.

Pushing the limits and seizing frontiers is the theme of the 2024 festival.

“This year, we must work on the question of borders, freedom, the destitution of these freedoms and the ways in which we can reclaim them”underlines the artistic curator of the festival, Jérémie Bellot.

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The Constellations festival is a unique discovery of digital art.

©Myriam Mannhart / France Télévision

Depending on the works, the urban space is transformed. This artistic digital universe invites you to explore the city. The complete program and on the event website.



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