a municipal police officer in custody after killing a man

a municipal police officer in custody after killing a man
a municipal police officer in custody after killing a man

The municipal police officer who killed the man who attacked a cleaning agent and another police officer with a screwdriver on Wednesday morning in Aubervilliers was placed in police custody, the Bobigny public prosecutor announced in a press release.

Aged 47, this man who lived on the street was fatally shot in the chest by the municipal police officer.

According to the account of prosecutor Eric Mathais, the police were called on Wednesday at 8:20 a.m. for a man who had struck a cleaning agent at Plaine Commune Habitat five times with a screwdriver.

While responding to the scene, one of the national police officers was attacked by the man who “tried to punch him through the window” of the vehicle and “managed to injure him in the arm”.

Also present on site, “a municipal police officer from the commune of Aubervilliers was patrolling with two colleagues. In circumstances which remain to be determined, the municipal police officer fired in the direction of the perpetrator, hitting him in the chest”writes the prosecutor.

Police at the scene of the death of a man in Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis, June 19, 2024 / JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP

The death was noted at 9:10 a.m. The cleaning agent and the national police officer left the hospital, said Eric Mathais and several investigations were opened.

The departmental judicial police service is responsible for investigations targeting the municipal police officer, “the municipal police do not fall under the jurisdiction of the IGPN”said the prosecution.

The police officer was taken into custody for “violence resulting in death without intention of causing it by a person holding public authority”.

Two other investigations targeting the deceased were opened for intentional violence with a weapon against a person entrusted with a public service mission and a person holding public authority. These were entrusted to territorial security.

At midday, a large security perimeter was deployed around the scene of the tragedy, noted an AFP journalist.

Police vehicles and around ten officials were visible near the body, covered with a white tarpaulin. A video surveillance camera overlooks the street intersection.


In front of one of the police ribbons, kept at a distance from the scene, around twenty members of the Ivorian community, to which the deceased belonged, gathered.

Terrified by the news, they refuse to believe that their loved one, named Yaya and who had lived in France for around twenty years, was aggressive.

“He’s a brother of ours, he’s sick. When they killed him, he was unarmed.”says Abdou Marico, who denounces a “murder”.

For seven years, the man had lived in his car, usually parked on a quiet street and recently removed by municipal police.

Municipal police at the scene of the death of a man in Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis, June 19, 2024 / JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP

“For several days, he had not been well, he had no place to sleep. He was disturbed, we told him we were going to find him another car”testifies a relative who wished to remain anonymous like other people interviewed by AFP.

“All the Aubervilliers police officers know that he is crazy”reports Abou Doumbia, member of the Association of Young Ivorians of France.

Members of the association announced that they wanted to file a complaint, denouncing the use of the firearm.

“You can stop someone with a screwdriver”a man loses his temper. “They have the equipment to do that”adds another.

“He didn’t deserve this: there were other ways to stop him”also deplores a woman aged around twenty who assures, like other local residents met by AFP, that she did not “never felt in danger around him”.

The events occurred in a neighborhood where several educational establishments are concentrated. According to childminders met by AFP in a square near the scene, the security system pushed parents to go around the scene to be able to drop off their children.

This Wednesday took place the Grande Laundry operation organized each month by Plaine Commune to carry out a major cleaning of the streets by removing vehicles.

“We strongly condemn this unacceptable act of violence which led to this dramatic attack. Any aggression against those who take care of our city is intolerable”reacted to AFP the UDI mayor of the city, Karine Franclet.




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