Legislative elections 2024: presentation of the five candidates in the constituency of Boulogne-sur-Mer

Legislative elections 2024: presentation of the five candidates in the constituency of Boulogne-sur-Mer
Legislative elections 2024: presentation of the five candidates in the constituency of Boulogne-sur-Mer

Qui of Olivier Barbarin, Jean-Pierre Pont (Renaissance), Jean-Luc Viudes (Les Républicains), Antoine Golliot (Rassemblement National) or Pierre Lenglet (Lutte Ouvrière) will be the new deputy for the 5th constituency of Pas-de-Calais?

Candidates had until Sunday June 16 to submit their official application. Last week was eventful, between the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly following the European elections and the various negotiations and rumors regarding the possible candidate to run for a seat in the Assembly.

From the outset it was Jean-Pierre Pont (outgoing MP) who announced his candidacy for re-election. Closely followed by the Republican candidate Jean-Luc Viudes, despite the internal setbacks of the party at the national level. Thursday evening, it was the popular front which made its candidate known: Olivier Barbarin, current mayor of Portel. Finally, Antoine Golliot was once again invested by his party as in 2022.

In the coming days, the electoral campaign will take off in full swing with numerous visits to the Boulonnais region. The arrival of national representatives of committed political parties cannot be excluded. It was Renaissance which got the ball rolling on Thursday June 13 with the arrival of Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to support the candidates for the 4th, 5th and 6th constituency. The first elements of answers will be known after the first round of legislative elections on June 30.

Olivier Barbarin for the Expanded Left

It is a pair who did not choose the Popular Front but who nevertheless have its support: Olivier Barbarin and Evelyne Jordens want “ bring together the people of Boulogne. ” The message is clear : ” We will be without a label and we will represent the territory, supported by the departmental majority around Jean-Claude Leroy. » And the objective is also defined, “ we must defeat the National Rally. People no longer believe in anything and some adhere to the image and person of Jordan Bardella », underlines Olivier Barbarin. The elected official from Portel, who claims to be elected in the field, intends to lead a campaign around a precise leitmotif: coming together. “ I’m not afraid, I want to improve people’s daily lives. Mr. Golliot, we have never heard of him, neither in the region, nor in the department, nor at the CAB. Make the good choice “, he concluded.

Antoine Golliot for the “National Rally”

It won’t be his first, nor his last for that matter. Once again Antoine Golliot will wear, with Thomas Pamart his running mate, the colors of the National Rally for these legislative elections. “ I am very confident for these elections, it will not be the same as in 2022. With the reconfiguration of the left, it will be complicated for Mr. Pont to reach the second round, there has been a decline in the left bloc », confides the elected official of the opposition in Boulogne. “ The Left has become the seven-headed hydra », breathes Thomas Pamart. For Antoine Golliot, the RN is “ The voice of people who have never had a voice.” Convinced by the last European elections, the far-right pair has no doubt of reaching the second round of the legislative elections. “ We want to reinstate security measures against illegal immigration, aid for fishermen and rework the plan to limit flooding. »

Pierre Langlet for “Workers’ Struggle”

Lutte Ouvrière is counting on Pierre Langlet for the 5th constituency. This 50-year-old worker is not his first attempt since he was Olivier Carreau’s deputy in the same constituency during the 2022 legislative elections (1.67%). “ It’s a very short campaign. We give ourselves the means, we are a party of workers, Macron claims to give us the floor, there is no reason not to go there and we are not going to let the politicians speak for us », Explains the candidate. The representative of Lutte Ouvrière focused his program on three axes: “ Regain purchasing power, regain control of the economy through the action of workers directly from their companies and finally, it is the union of all workers from all countries », continues Pierre Langlet.

Jean-Luc Viudes for “Les Républicains”

Arriving in Boulonnais more than twenty years ago, Jean-Luc Viudes will be the candidate nominated by the Republicans for these legislative elections. For the first time, the IT executive presents itself as head of the list. “ With the government’s action and the rise of the extremes, there must be a voice from the Republican right. We must not leave this diamond that is Boulogne to the extremes “, says the 58-year-old man. The economic proposals to his right as to his left represent a danger for him. “ We need to breathe new life into fishing, attract people and diversify economic activity. The increase in wages will involve an increase in economic activity. » Even if LR is experiencing a significant internal crisis, Jean-Luc Viudes believes that “ You don’t get things done by hiding, and I’m not the type to hide. » He will be accompanied by Martine Belot on the Les Républicains list.

Jean-Pierre Pont for “Together”

The outgoing MP, Jean-Pierre Pont, automatically received powerful support a few days after his inauguration: that of Gabriel Attal, Prime Minister. During a meal on the terrace, many local personalities were able to discuss different subjects with Gabriel Attal. “ The migration problem, fishing, we have seen a lot of things », declared the Renaissance candidate as he left the table. At 74, Jean-Pierre Pont will therefore try to run for a third term in the National Assembly, even if this express campaign will not be easy. “ You have to work day and night, making contact, preparing posters, profession of faith, leaflets, collage, organizing teams. It’s not good for the heart but we’ll get through it », laughed the outgoing MP. He will be replaced by Sandrine Deram on his list.



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