Legislative elections 2024: “We are responding to an emergency”, Jocelyne Gizardin (Horizons) candidate for the 7th constituency of Hérault

Legislative elections 2024: “We are responding to an emergency”, Jocelyne Gizardin (Horizons) candidate for the 7th constituency of Hérault
Legislative elections 2024: “We are responding to an emergency”, Jocelyne Gizardin (Horizons) candidate for the 7th constituency of Hérault

Jocelyne Gizardin, supported by a diverse right-wing coalition for the first round of the 2024 early legislative elections, wants to play “appeasement”.

Why present yourself in this legislative battle “without label”?

We are presenting ourselves (with Eric Laude, substitute) with the support of the parties LR, Horizons, Modem, Renaissance, Territoire de Progrès, UDI, Parti Radical. We maintain a candidacy “with the support of”. When we are not included, we do not have a label. But the absolute principle is loyalty. We wanted to be sure that we were in tune with the parties we were talking about. We are not on any extreme, we are for the so-called appeasement parties, which defend republican values. There is a desire from everyone to work together. We left on the assumption that the LRs were following us. I am not a woman of the apparatus, not a woman of a party. The goal is to be present with a population that is incomprehensible. Our candidacy is the opposite of this violence, this aggressiveness which generates abstention.

Some seem more determined than ever to vote far right. What do you tell them?

Our approach is not to vote for a hell that we do not know and which does not correspond to everyone’s daily life. It doesn’t resemble our vision, nor our territory. Nearly 50% of people did not go to the polls for the European elections. Mr. Lopez-Liguori is charming, but if we talk about the field and action, we are not playing in the same league. Elected in the field, it’s lived, it’s a profession of passion. Our ambition is to offer a response to a population that feels lost. We are responding to an emergency. That of not continuing this divide and moving towards a peacefully shared future. We can express ourselves other than in extremism.

What is your program ?

In front of me, I don’t have files but people, neighborhoods. We must first reassure, allow people to recover their dignity as voters. I’m not going to talk nonsense. The RN is completely disconnected. The main themes are work, purchasing power, security, education. It’s offering people the opportunity to take care of their major concerns. In two weeks, I will give you a program? No. Our strength is the support of these different parties. We are going to work cross-functionally, this is unprecedented in the 7th, to show that we are not condemned to a choice that is too painful. Security, health, unemployment, education, purchasing power. How can we talk about that without talking about retirement, health, etc.? Promising within two weeks is irresponsible. A deputy is above all someone who will bring the needs of a population to the national assembly.

During his mandate, the RN deputy increased the number of concrete proposals on resources for the police and aid to fishermen. And you ?

I am fascinated by the fact that we can calculate at this moment the number of additional police officers needed in Sète. Does Mr. Liguori know how we finance? Putting police officers in is responding to concerns. But it also involves education and kindness. The Island of Thau, we are there every week. It’s a great example. The municipal police are in their role. When Mr. Lopez-Liguori wants more national police officers, yes. But to say “I’ll put more”, it’s a little more complicated. Drawing on our experience and our convictions, we claim to believe that we are unifying. Support for seniors, disabilities, crèches. Social action with education, culture and sport is a leitmotif. That’s concrete. My program is to work for the people.

Express bio: Jocelyne Gizardin graduated from ESLSCA Lille, director of CCAS and deputy for social action to the mayor of Sète.


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