Besançon. The Diderot college media class discovering the Olympics

Besançon. The Diderot college media class discovering the Olympics
Besançon. The Diderot college media class discovering the Olympics

During the month of May, Alexandre Plumey, a sports journalist from the Republican East, explained to us his job and techniques for writing an article. Each group had to choose a theme related to sport, and we then wrote a series of short texts on the chosen themes.

The handball and futsal section of the college

Recently, we were able to interview two sports section managers at the college. First of all, Mr. Jacques, PE teacher and head of the Futsal section, answered our questions. He told us that there were 61 students, mixed groups but still more boys. To manage defeats, you have to analyze the match and understand why you lost. It is a similar observation for Madame Cuinet, also a PE teacher, who manages the handball section: “We have to manage the students’ defeats, because it is sometimes complicated for teenagers. » There is also little diversity, more boys than girls. She herself took over the section after Sandrine Mariot who had created it in college.

The torch bearers in Besançon

Sandrine Mariot will be one of the bearers of the Olympic flame in the region, with Vincent Schmith, Awa Sene and Michael Chapuis. The flame will leave Pontarlier to arrive in Besançon on June 25, 2024. It will travel 5.4 km in Besançon on a route marked with symbols, to the water station park. Four students from the media class were also able to interview Sandrine Mariot on May 22, 2024. We asked her, for example, if playing in the Olympic Games is different from other competitions? The answer was a resounding yes: “There was more pressure. But there were also great experiences, like the Olympic village, where you can meet big sports stars. »

Ghani Yalouz interviewed… at the CDI!

Another great sportsman from Besançon agreed to be interviewed by us, this is Ghani Yalouz, international ambassador of the French wrestling federation. He answered our questions and encouraged us for our media class project.

Despite his silver medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, the one he is most proud of is the one he won in Besançon in 1995 at the European Championship, because he won it in his city. He said he met Michael Jordan, a great basketball champion, in the Olympic village. Finally, according to Ismaël, Mr. Yalouz gave us a life lesson regarding respect.

Diderot College at the Paralympic Games

Finally, 30 students from Diderot college (ULIS class + those enrolled at UNSS) will leave on September 2, 2024 to
Paris, by train, to discover the wheelchair basketball competition at Bercy.



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