Nyon: library and games library under one roof

Books and toys on loan brought together under one roof

Published today at 5:30 p.m.

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Four months later abandonment of the media library project which was to bring together the two libraries (children and adults) and the games library on Place Perdtemps, the future of the three institutions is becoming clearer. A move to shared premises could even be completed in less than a year. This is the intention of the Municipality, which is requesting an investment credit of 345,000 francs for this.

The departure of the Moser School from the city center allows the Municipality to see a quick solution to a long-standing project. Today, the three institutions are scattered throughout the city and occupy unsuitable premises. Installed in a beautiful but old house, the library for adults is, for example, inaccessible for people with reduced mobility. The toy lending place suffers from the smell of urine in summer, with a marginalized population relieving themselves under the windows of the small wooden shed.

Extended hours

The idea is therefore to bring everyone together on the same site, near the train station and the La Combe shopping center. The children’s library is already there but will give way to the games library, which will remain managed by an association. On the upper floor, the school classrooms will be transformed to accommodate books for young and old audiences. Above all, pooling spaces and staff will make it possible to significantly expand library hours, going from twenty-five to forty hours per week.

“There will be in the same place, in addition to books, freely accessible documents, a room for cultural mediation and a space to drink coffee. This will allow libraries to broaden their scope of activity and become a third place,” insists Alexandre Démétriadès, Municipal Culture Officer.


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