This Resistance museum in Haute-Loire wants to expand

During its general meeting, in its premises in Frugières-le-Pin, the Musée de la Résistance Joseph-Lhomenède looked back on its 2023 developments and its expansion project.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the first general assembly of the Musée de la Résistance Joseph-Lhomenède in Frugières-le-Pin, in 1982. Which did not prevent the association from announcing some major new features, Saturday June 1, on the occasion of its 2024 meeting.

Enough to make one of the largest museums in France on the Resistance

The association first succeeded, over the past year, in building a recognition file which allowed it to become an association of “general interest”. “This was recorded in November 2023,” confirms Daniel Rigal, president. This had never been asked. To obtain it, you must in particular not make a profit, be a 1901 law association, allow people to discover things… The enormous advantage that this has for us is that the people or companies providing sponsorship to of the Museum can now benefit from tax reductions. For individuals, for example, 66% of the amount given can be tax exempt. »

The other news concerns the association’s major project: the expansion of the museum. “We signed an agreement with Jacqueline and Maurice Capelani so that all the objects in the museum belong to the association. This makes things official. Over time, the association acquired pieces and Maurice Capelani always purchased them on behalf of the museum, explains Daniel Rigal. Now there is also a long lease project (very long term rental, with possibility of carrying out work, Editor’s note) with Jacqueline and Maurice Capelani, who own the museum buildings. Once it has been signed, we will be able to tackle the expansion project and turn to the communities for assistance. »Elected officials from the Museum office, alongside the curator, Maurice Capelani (right).

And the president added that the association had received assurances of support from the Region, and is in contact with the surrounding communities. “Everyone is aware of what is in this museum and its collections and what we can do with them. I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that there is something to do, if not the largest museum on the Resistance in France, at least one of the largest. There are unique pieces, documents and testimonies that cannot be found anywhere else. »

Finally, the association will, over time, launch the steps to become a “Musée de France”. But for this, “a complete inventory of each of the museum’s pieces must be carried out, we must have a certain number of visitors and we need employees. » On this subject, Daniel Rigal adds: “We will be able to hire someone to carry out this inventory when the lease is signed and we have the support of the communities. »


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Pierre Hébrard

In numbers
2,500 Between 2,200 and 2,500 entries were recorded at the Musée de la Résistance Joseph-Lhomenède for the year 2023.
150 The association has around 150 members.



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