Mobilization against “eternal pollutants”: a public meeting on PFAS in Alès – News – Gard

Mobilization against “eternal pollutants”: a public meeting on PFAS in Alès – News – Gard
Mobilization against “eternal pollutants”: a public meeting on PFAS in Alès – News – Gard

In light of water pollution with PFAS, nicknamed eternal pollutants, the Gard-Eau-PFAS collective is organizing a public meeting this Friday, June 28, in Alès in order to inform and raise awareness among the Gard population.

Following the revelations by Générations Futures on the pollution of surface water by PFAS, particularly TFA (trifluoroacetic acid), around Salindres, a citizen mobilization was put in place. Collectives and local residents, concerned about the impact of these “eternal pollutants” on health and the environment, founded the Collectif Gard-Eau-PFAS to coordinate their actions and demand concrete measures.

The collective asks local political authorities, such as mayors and urban communities, to raise public awareness of the risks linked to this pollution and to have appropriate analyzes of drinking water carried out.

At the same time, they urge the regional and national administrative authorities, think here of the ARS, the DREAL, Public Health or even the Gard prefecture, to prohibit the discharge of PFAS, to undertake epidemiological studies and to explore the possible links between this pollution and certain diseases, including glioblastoma.

A public meeting on June 28 at 7 p.m. at the Labor Exchange in Alès

Thus, in order to inform the local population on the situation of pollution by PFAS and its impacts on health, the Collectif Gard-Eau-PFAS is organizing a public meeting on Friday June 28 has 19 hours to the Labor Exchangelocated at 177 quai Max Chaptal in Ales.

A meeting which will be an opportunity for a national representative of Générations Futures to present the current state of PFAS pollution around Salindres and to detail the actions undertaken with the government and the competent authorities.

Other interventions are planned, in particular that of the association “Des Étoiles dans la mer”, which will address the question of glioblastoma, a disease affecting certain residents of Salindres and “potentially linked to exposure to PFAS”. Local groups and citizens will also take the floor to share their actions and approaches aimed at better understanding and fighting against this pollution.

Led by an independent journalist, this public meeting will bring together various members of the Gard-Eau-PFAS collective, made up of numerous associations: the Relais Gard Rhodanien de Générations Futures, Des Étoiles dans la mer, the collective Eternal pollutants and glioblastomas – Salindres and its surroundings , the Gardon l’eau santé collective of Saint-Théodorit, La Bruguière collective, the Printemps alésien collective.

These associations are also joined by residents of several municipalities concerned, including Salindres, Boucoiran, Nozières, Bouquet, Rousson, Mons and Saint Julien de Cassagnas.

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