Geneva will host the Rolex Switerland Sail Grand Prix in 2025

Geneva will host the first Switzerland Sail GP in 2025

Published today at 9:17 a.m.

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SailGP, a sailing race between ten nations, unveiled in mid-June the very first Rolex Switerland Sail Grand Prix on the waters of Lake Geneva, which will take place in the harbor on September 20 and 21, 2025. This is the third confirmed stage of season 5, after Abu Dhabi for the final in November 2025 and New York on June 7 and 8, 2025.

The City of Geneva and the authorities welcomed last Wednesday the CEO of SailGP, Sir Russel Coutts, the members of Switzerland SailGP Team, including its helmsman Sébastien Schneiter, and Arnaud Boetsch, director of communications and image of Rolex. The representative of the crown brand expressed his satisfaction at seeing SailGP choose Geneva “to appear among the emblematic events of Season 5 of this innovative sports league”.

A historic partner of this competition, Rolex was keen to host a stage in its city. To the delight of sailing enthusiasts, as State Councilor Thierry Apothéloz recalled: “Geneva has a long tradition around sailing. The arrival of SailGP on Lake Geneva perpetuates this story and takes it to a new dimension. The spectacular event will be accessible to the entire population.”

Catamarans at nearly 100 km/h

SailGP features the world’s best sailors, representing ten national teams from around the world, competing aboard identical foiling F50 catamarans – putting each team on an equal footing – capable of reaching speeds of nearly 100 km /h. Thousands of spectators are expected at the Rolex Switzerland Sail Grand Prix, to follow the races on the water and from the docks.

The organization of this stage puts the authorities to the test, with an already busy schedule between the hosting of the Women’s Euro and numerous events scheduled for 2025. But above all it remains an opportunity offering “a magnificent tourist showcase to show the beauty of Geneva to the whole world,” underlined administrative advisor Marie Barbey-Chpuis. Not to mention the considerable economic benefits for hoteliers and traders. The budget for the event is around 5 million francs, mainly covered by sponsorship.

Skipper of the Swiss team, Sébastien Schneiter recalled during the presentation that “organizing a SailGP event in Switzerland has always been one of our major objectives since we launched the team, and we are proud to be able to bring a sporting event of such a high level in Geneva. “It’s the ideal city to host the race and it will be a completely new and unique venue for the F50s.”


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