Garbage collection affected by three days of blue-collar strike

Garbage collection affected by three days of blue-collar strike
Garbage collection affected by three days of blue-collar strike

These pressure tactics are part of the strike planned for June 21 to 23 and called by the Union of Manual Employees of the City of Quebec.

The expected impacts occur despite an agreement on essential services ratified by the Administrative Labor Tribunal.

The agreement stipulates that the City of Quebec will ensure the maintenance of services “necessary for the health and safety of citizens during the strike.”

This includes matters relating to waterworks and sewers, the treatment of organic materials and the repair of fire engines.

The municipal administration specifies that the cleaning of “public spaces and parks linked to homelessness issues” will also be ensured.

The Marchand administration has reached an agreement in principle with the Alliance of Professionals of Quebec City.

Mayor Bruno Marchand ensures that discussions continue with the Union of Municipal Civil Servants of Quebec and the Association of Professional Firefighters of Quebec. The City has appointed a mediator for negotiations with the Fraternity of Police Officers of Quebec City.

The tramway effect on construction starts

The CITÉ plan, presented last week by CDPQ Infra, will have an influence on construction starts and the number of construction permits issued in Quebec, according to Mayor Bruno Marchand. “We know of several developers who were waiting for this plan to be submitted to be able to move forward,” he told the municipal council on Tuesday.

“The tram project “stimulates real estate and commercial investments in Quebec,” maintains Bruno Marchand. (Christinne Muschi/Canadian Press Archives)

“The plan will make it possible to even better articulate our real estate development by densifying the areas where a structuring network will be available,” continued the mayor.

The tram project “stimulates real estate and commercial investments”. The increase in the number of building permits issued by the City of Quebec “testifies to the confidence of developers in the city.”

The objective of the “accelerated” action plan is to deliver 80,000 new housing units by 2040. Initiative is “off to a good start” according to the mayor who affirms that “the objective of 500 housing units will be exceeded this year”.

“Since the start of 2024, Quebec City has recorded an 82% increase in its construction starts compared to the same period last year. We have therefore recorded 1,274 construction starts since January, 91% of which are in the rental sector,” rejoices Bruno Marchand.



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