No 2nd league for FC Marly and FC Richemond

No 2nd league for FC Marly and FC Richemond
No 2nd league for FC Marly and FC Richemond

You shouldn’t arrive late at the Stade de la Gérine. From the 3e minute of play, Ramzi Richani’s men conceded the first goal, scored by FC Richemond captain Gregory Dimbi.

The rest of the match? Midfield duels. A battle lasting more than 80 minutes of play. If the first half was essentially dominated by Fabio Soares’ men, the second half was successful for the Marlinois.

90ethe decisive moment

We had to wait until the very end of the meeting before experiencing great emotions. At 93e minute, in added time, FC Marly goalkeeper Damien Tercier decides to play the fox of the surfaces. From a corner, the Marlinois, well inspired, scored the equalizer with an improbable acrobatic return.

A gesture that alone was worth the trip to the Stade de la Gérine: the 200 spectators applauded, everything was smiling again for the Fribourgeoises.

And if you thought the game ended there, think again. On the final counter-attack, 30 seconds after the equalizer, the young Marlin striker, Altin Osmani, author of more than 30 goals this season, saw his shot pushed back by the Richemond goalkeeper.

A goal which would have allowed Marly to maintain hope in this race for the climb to 2eleague.

This will ultimately not be the case: Marly just like Richemond will always play in 3e league next season.

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