three departments of Burgundy on orange alert for storms

three departments of Burgundy on orange alert for storms
three departments of Burgundy on orange alert for storms

According to weather forecasts, bad weather is expected to return again in Burgundy. Thunderstorms and hail episodes are forecast until the end of the week. Yonne, Côte-d’Or and Nièvre have been on orange alert since Tuesday afternoon.

We could believe that the sky had fallen on our heads. A few weeks ago, Burgundy was marked by episodes of intense hail, giving rise to often spectacular images.

Capricious weather that never ends according to the most recent weather forecasts. Météo France has placed Côte-d’Or, Yonne and Nièvre on orange alert. From fHigh levels of rain and hail are expected shortly before 6 p.m. and until midnight.

The year 2024 is marked by particularly powerful supercell storms. They separate hot and cold air currents, which allows for much greater longevity. This creates a greater risk of hail, with intense episodes as we saw at the beginning of May. And it should be the same over the next few days. We have some pretty strong storms due to air mass conflicts.”explains Thibault Mascia, founder and manager of Météo Côte-d’Or.

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Repeated this week? According to forecasts, storms are expected throughout Burgundy until Friday. And hail could appear again. It is common at the end of spring and beginning of summer in our region. The next few days, we will have a cold drop, that is to say a pocket of cold air at altitude which has formed over the Iberian Peninsula. This cold air will come into contact with the warm air and it will create storms. We are seeing this type of conflict more and more often, and it makes for a relatively explosive cocktail.”

And climate change would cause more intense precipitation when there are storms. “In Côte-d’Or, we are at the heart of the country’s stormy axis”recalls Thibault Mascia. In storms, updrafts will make hailstones larger.

This week, the stormy deterioration should begin this Tuesday evening in Nièvre, Yonne, and largely the Côte-d’Or. “All sectors are then globally targeted. OWe will stay under this cold drop until Friday. We will then have a cooler weekend with temperatures around 20 degrees.”

Hailstorms followed one another in Yonne and Côte-d’Or.

© Estelle Carneau/Météo Côte-d’Or

Good news, the good weather should return (and last!) from next week. From next week, we should have seasonal weather with sunshine and temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees, according to seasonal models. Then, we expect a hot and dry summer until October. At the moment, we can’t really say if there is a risk of a heatwave.”



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