after the employers and union world, the Bouchez-Prévot duo listens to human rights, the environment and precariousness

After the employers’ and unions’ world on Monday, Georges-Louis Bouchez and Maxime Prévot, presidents of the MR and the Engagés, received on Tuesday afternoon in Namur the representatives of around twenty associations active in the field of human rights, defense of the environment or the fight against precariousness.


These meetings with different actors from civil society – which will continue until June 27 – must feed into the negotiations that the two parties are carrying out in parallel for the development of their majority agreements for the Walloon Region and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation .

“We recalled that the environment is a necessity and a fundamental issue in the survival of the species,” commented to Belga Sylvie Meekers, the general director of Canopea, who was among the guests of the day.

Formation of governments: Bart De Wever presents his “starting note” in Flanders this Tuesday, consultations continue in Wallonia and Brussels

Canopea, which brings together a series of environmental defense organizations, said it was ready to make its experts available to the future government to “integrate the environment into an ambitious policy”.

“We are apolitical but we want the environment to be considered a hard science,” she insisted. The association also expressed the hope that the future turquoise blue government would continue to consult – as the previous majority had done – with the stakeholders on the future of the Walloon recovery plan.

The end of the afternoon was devoted to the fight against poverty and precariousness. MM. On this subject, Bouchez and Prévot have already demonstrated their desire to put an end to “welfare”, to limit benefits and to put the inactive back to work.

“Work is not the only lever of action to reduce precariousness,” however, underlined Christine Mahy, the secretary general of the Walloon Network to Fight Poverty (RWLP), also among the visitors of the day. .

Recalling that the exercise of a job does not prevent many Walloons from living in precariousness, Ms. Mahy insisted on the need for the next executive to work on the “construction of complementary rights”, such as that of affordable housing. , training, public transport or even places in nurseries.

Without excluding that one or the other recipient could benefit from the Social Security system, Ms. Mahy however refuted any idea of ​​“assistance”.

According to his experience, the majority of people who benefit from public aid show “combativity and energy” to improve their lot. “Falling into caricature will have perverse effects, it’s dangerous,” she warned.

Tomorrow/Wednesday, the Bouchez-Prévot tandem will first take stock of the situation of public finances (with various interlocutors including the National Bank and Iweps) before tackling employment and training (with in particular Forem and Ifapme), then the economy with a series of professional federations (Fevia, Agoria, Essenscia, Wallonie Entreprendre, etc.).



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