GARD A cheeky party more in the news than ever!

On June 22, happiness will undoubtedly be in the meadow! For years, the Fête effrontée has evoked moments of shared humanity where fraternity rubs shoulders with solidarity, like the pleasure of being together.

We have not chosen the particular, unprecedented and historical political context. » The party will be brazenly popular, that is the goal. It was the Federation of the French Communist Party of Gard, headed by Vincent Bouget, its secretary, Françoise and Muriel, president and secretary of the ALP, and Christian Fredefon, coordinator of the festival, who presented the 2024 festivities of a popular festival with political and societal overtones. A political action but above all festive and unifying.

From left to right, Françoise, Vincent, Muriel and Christian (Photo Anthony Maurin)

Without the volunteers who organize it, there would be no party! Thanks to them, thanks to our partners, this year will be a great year! »

Every year in Lézan for more than 60 years the recipe has been the same, getting together to party in a light-hearted way without forgetting to talk a little about the politics of the world in which we live.

The cheeky party will offer a brazen, inflated and thunderous concert in the evening. A celebration that has been able to renew itself over the decades until, in 2024, it is fully in the news.

In concert, the 2024 edition will welcome the legendary group Massilia Sound System, which is celebrating 40 years of uninterrupted activity, forty years and not a single wrinkle. Beautiful words, words full of wisdom on unique sounds of reggae and Provençal music, Massilia Sound System captivates the crowds and carries the colors of diversity high. Massilia will get people dancing and, like five years ago, the group returns to re-enchant their world again and again.

The Effrontée party in Lézan in 2023 (Photo Fred D)

After their participation in the 2023 Humanity Festival, the Vulves Assassines will offer a concert that should go down in history. With them, activism is not something austere. In the manner of Bérurier noir and perhaps even more so of Ludwig Von 88 playing in the squats of the 1980s, which we inevitably think of, the Vulves assassines gave their first concert in the activist networks, in a whole bunch “ wonderful places where we remake the world with joy, but where on the other hand there is not much money », as they told the webzine Vague Parallèle.

To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the newspaper L’Humanité, Les Grandes Bouches will officiate at the very beginning of the evening, to the delight of fans, with their show “Le Bal republican” presented in preview. They were at the anniversary of Jaurès’ newspaper at Paris City Hall, they will be at the Fête de l’Humanité 2024 and with us on June 22.

Effrontés Lézan 2024 (Photo Anthony Maurin)

The program for the 2024 party (Photo Anthony Maurin)

The artists come by commitment! The objective is not necessarily to take committed groups but the values ​​must stick… We have a lot going on this year! » And to end the day? The DJ journalist at Huma! “ This holiday is also a time for good humor, we are in a tense period but we want to enjoy life! »

But the cheeky party without debates would not be the cheeky party! Beyond the concerts which made it famous, it is also the debate, dialogue and interaction which carry this festivity.

Effrontés Lézan 2023 (Photo Fred D)

The debates of the Effrontée 2023 party (Photo Fred D)

So everyone will debate solidarity, peace, a France, a Europe which refuses the extreme right… Many associations will come to share their thoughts such as Secours populaire or the Peace Movement, the association France Palestine Solidarité, the Peasant Confederation with an association which fights against basins, an association which supports transgender defense.

There will be a mix of stands from the PCF sections, graphic design workshops for children and a craft market which will be held under the trees. There will also be a bookstore corner, a vegetarian but gourmet food truck, numerous associative stands (around 30) and two exhibitions!

Effrontés 2023 (Photo Lézan the Effrontée party)

A little atmosphere? (Photo Lézan the Effrontée party)

Also present will be advisors from the Occitanie region such as Jean-Luc Gibelin but also Christian Bastid, departmental advisor, Vincent Bouget, Pierre-Édouard Detrez, international rugby player, Laetitia Meignan, Olympic judo medalist, Laurent Mouloud, editor-in-chief at L’Huma magazine, as well as Benjamin König, journalist at L’Humanité who will also act as DJ, Grégory Marin, journalist at L’Humanité…

It will undoubtedly be one of the biggest editions of the last 15 years, we are a few days away from this festival which is more than sixty years old, it is historic because it has been on the rise for several years. This festival is a bit like the Festival of Humanity, political, cultural and festive, it mixes debates, cultural initiatives and large-scale concerts with prices accessible to all. »

Lézan Festival 2012 – Photo © / MA

As for entertainment, because there will be something for all tastes, the bookstore will welcome authors who will dedicate their works, note the presence of the newspapers l’Humanité and La Marseillaise, the magazine Cause commune, an artisan market , exhibitions, country meals and of course games!

The party will be great, already more than 750 pre-sales on the Internet and at least as many on the support voucher side. We expect between 2,500 and 3,500 people on the big day. And it makes sense… The price was designed to be accessible to everyone. The support voucher is 15 euros (free for those under 16) on sale from communist activists, at Prolé de Nîmes (20 rue Jean Reboul-Nîmes), at Prolé d’Alès (32 rue Beauteville-Alès). Online at 17 euros at or 20 euros directly on the day on site.

Debate on peace at the Lézan festival. Photo Élodie Boschet/Objectif Gard

To join and party in complete tranquility, a bus will leave Nîmes (bus station) at 10 a.m., with a return scheduled at the end of the concerts (10 euros / special rate for students, precarious and unemployed).

A few days from Lézan we are building, activists, sympathizers and volunteers, a popular, cultural and political festival which without each of them would not be! »

Free parking for car enthusiasts! For gourmets and for 15 euros but to be reserved before Thursday June 20 in the evening, a country meal (15 euros: green salad and tomatoes, fideua, cheese, fruit tart, a glass of wine).

Lézan Festival. Photo Tony Duret / Objectif gard



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