In Haute-Loire, the New Popular Front candidate wants to “restore purchasing power”

In Haute-Loire, the New Popular Front candidate wants to “restore purchasing power”
In Haute-Loire, the New Popular Front candidate wants to “restore purchasing power”

The New Popular Front candidate for the first constituency, Celline Gacon, presented her program Monday morning in Monistrol-sur-Loire.

It was in front of France Travail, in Monistrol-sur-Loire, that Celline Gacon and her deputy, Jacky Rocher, presented the program of the New Popular Front, (coming from the alliance mainly of Ecologists, La France insoumise, the Communist Party French and the Socialist Party) which they will lead in the first constituency for the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7.

“A dehumanized public service”

The choice of this location was intended to be symbolic, as Jacky Rocher emphasized. “Like France Travail, public service has become dehumanized by digitalization. Citizens feel more and more deprived.”
We do not present Celline Gacon, the elected environmentalist municipal councilor and community councilor in Puy-en-Velay, already head of the list during the previous legislative elections. A committed ecologist since 2008, the 56-year-old civil servant is the mother of three children.

“The minimum wage at 1,600 euros net”

“A person of integrity who knows the world of work,” Jacky Rocher had to emphasize to end the presentations. The former mayor of Montregard (from 1989 to 2008), describes himself without label but as a “man of the left”.
“Two years after the last campaign, things have not improved at all! The voice of the people has not been heard, as we saw with the pension reform,” says Celline Gacon.
“The question of purchasing power is the one that worries me the most: when you don’t know how you’re going to end the month, it puts you under phenomenal stress. I have experienced that, but many of our political representatives are above ground,” says the candidate.
To remedy this, the elected Ponote ensures that she has the necessary proposals: “by decree, within 15 days after the election, we will review the unemployment and pension reforms, and we will set the minimum wage at 1,600 euros net to restore purchasing power,” she continued.
Concerning the department in particular, she intends to “defend a public service targeted at rural areas”.

The fear of abstention

Celline Gacon shows a certain confidence for these next elections. “The results of the Europeans in Haute-Loire show that there is fed up.”
And to complete: “this election will perhaps show another face. Our opponent is not Laurent Wauquiez, it is abstention,” she concluded.

Nathalie Courtial



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