2024 legislative elections in Aude: IVG, Ukraine, immigration… what the deputies of Aude have voted for 2 years

2024 legislative elections in Aude: IVG, Ukraine, immigration… what the deputies of Aude have voted for 2 years
2024 legislative elections in Aude: IVG, Ukraine, immigration… what the deputies of Aude have voted for 2 years

the essential
Two years in office, 19 months of activity in the Assembly. The opportunity for Aude deputies to position themselves on a few key votes. A look back at these positions in line with the party line, but also some subtle distinctions.

IVG: two no’s for one yes

This is, undeniably, the flagship text on societal matters of this shortened legislature. On November 24, 2022, at first reading, the Assembly decides on the proposed constitutional law aimed at protecting and guaranteeing the fundamental right to voluntary termination of pregnancy. 337 for, 32 against, and 18 abstentions. To find the hostile votes, we must turn to the benches of the Republicans, and the RN: a divided party, to say the least, with 38 for, 24 against and 13 abstentions. A division reflected on the Aude scale: if the elected official of the 2nd circo (Narbonne), Frédéric Falcon, votes for, Christophe Barthès (1st circo, Carcassonne-Lézignan) and Julien Rancoule (3rd circo, Carcassonne-Castelnaudary-Limoux) , oppose each other. On March 4, 2024, it is the Congress, bringing together deputies and senators, which must vote on the integration of the “guaranteed freedom” on abortion in article 34 of the Constitution: again, overwhelming majority, 780 votes for, 72 against and 50 abstentions. Frédéric Falcon maintains his line. The deputies of the 1st and 3rd choose this time to abstain in this historic vote… Women, it is also a question on July 5, 2023, with the bill “aimed at strengthening women’s access to responsibilities in the public service”: Frédéric Falcon did not vote, but the Barthès-Rancoule duo voted against again.

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Ukraine: the path to abstention

November 30, 2022, March 12, 2024. Nearly a year and a half apart between these two votes, but a common subject, the war in Ukraine. Again an essential part of the mandate. At the end of 2022, deputies are asked to vote on a proposed resolution affirming the support of the National Assembly for Ukraine and condemning the war led by the Russian Federation: 303 for, 1 against, 95 abstentions. At the start of 2024, this time it is time to decide on the Government’s declaration relating to the debate on the Franco-Ukrainian security agreement and the situation in Ukraine: 372 for, 99 against, 101 abstentions. For abstentions or votes against, on these two subjects, we must look towards LFI and the RN. And for the three Aude deputies, no false note: in unison with all the far-right deputies, they abstain. On May 9, 2023, in a vote on a proposed resolution aimed at calling on France and the EU to include the private military group Wagner on the list of terrorist organizations, Frédéric Falcon voted for, like the 52 other RN deputies who voted for express. Christophe Barthès and Julien Rancoule did not vote.

Immigration: yes

On December 19, 2023, it is time to vote on the entire bill to control immigration, improve integration: a text resulting from the joint committee. Like all of Renaissance, LR, MoDem, Horizons and LIOT, the 88 RN deputies vote for: among them, the Aude elected officials. A few months earlier, on June 7, 2023, it is time to consider a proposed resolution relating to the slippage in the cost to the State of health coverage for foreigners in an irregular situation and asylum seekers from countries of safe origin and the number of foreigners in an irregular situation. A proposal rejected by 120 votes against and 77 for: Frédéric Falcon does not vote, but Christophe Barthès, by delegation, just like Julien Rancoule, shows their support.



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