GARD There were 5,300 candidates for the BAC 2024 philosophy test

This Tuesday, Gard high school students took the BAC 2024 philosophy test.

The terrible philosophy test is now behind the general and technological final year students. “Can science satisfy our need for truth?”, “Does the State owe us something?” or a text commentary on “The Working Condition” by Simone Weil were on the agenda for the first ones.

Franck Ourtal, the principal of the Ernest-Hemingway high school and Christophe Mauny, the academic director of education services in Gard. • Photo: Norman Jardin

There were around forty candidates, in room G520, on the second floor of the Ernest-Hemingway high school, quietly settling down to take the BAC 2024 philosophy test. The most far-sighted were equipped with a bottle of water, a thermos or even a few cartons of compote. Quickly, the first instructions are given by the supervisor: “ It is forbidden to enter the examination room after opening the envelope containing the subjects “.

The candidates from Ernest-Hemingway high school, this Tuesday. • Photo: Norman Jardin

Then, Christophe Mauny, the academic director of the national education services of Gard, addresses the high school students to encourage them: Give the best of yourself “. Finally, serious things could begin with the opening of topics. The subjects are secured in a safe in the principal’s office and we are vigilant to ensure no leaks” addresses DASEN. This year, there were 21,580 candidates in the Montpellier academy, including 5,300 in Gard.

Liberated, delivered!

At the stroke of noon at the Jean-Baptiste Dumas high school in Alès, the last daredevils handed in their copy. Some with more conviction of having a good grade on July 8, the date of the exam results. Violette and Yassin, both majoring in math and physics, were delighted with the first subject, which met their expectations: “I left thirty minutes before, I hadn’t studied too much but I think I had between 12 and 15”comments Yassin.

Mathieu and Mattheo also focused on the first subject: “It was quite telling for me, I was able to place some scientific references”explains Mattheo. “I was satisfied not to come across too original subjects”, says Kenan. Léonie instead opted for the second subject: “I found it quite simple. I hope to get a good mark because I revised well”. Verdict in a few weeks!



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