this mega project dating back 4 decades could see the light of day before 2030 – La Nouvelle Tribune

The idea of ​​connecting theAfrica to theEurope through a tunnel under the Strait of Gibraltaran ambition that seemed distant for decades, could well become reality by Global 2030that the MoroccoL’Spain and the Portugal will co-organize. This unprecedented perspective awakens a 43-year-old project, promising a new era of connection between the two continents.

Since its inception in 1981, the initiative to dig a 42 kilometer underwater and underground tunnel between Punta Paloma in Spain and Malataba next to Tangier At Morocco had stagnated, faced with technical and financial challenges. However, the recent announcement of substantial funds for a design study by theSpain marks a significant turning point.

The project, estimated at 7 billion euros, is designed to not only facilitate the transit of people and goods, but also to bring Madrid and Casablanca closer together at a distance of just five and a half hours. Currently, this journey would take more than twelve hours, illustrating the enormous potential for economic and social development that the tunnel could offer.

Cooperation between Morocco and Spain, highlighted during the 43rd Morocco-Spain high-level meeting in 2023, is intensifying around this flagship project. Both countries, together with Portugal, are investing not only in the physical infrastructure of the tunnel, but also in the future of their bilateral and intercontinental relations.

According to forecasts from the SECEGSA research company, the tunnel could accommodate up to 12.8 million passengers and transport 13 million tonnes of goods annually. This represents a major opportunity for international trade and tourism, strengthening the position of Spain and Morocco as strategic gateways to Europe and Africa.



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