Martinique: Construction stakeholders, after a meeting at the CTM, hold quarterly meetings on public procurement

The heart of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique, located in Plateau Roy, was blocked this morning by the world of construction (Building and Public Works). Friday, after making their anger heard, the players in the sector were received at the CTM but left the local authority of Martinique with a bitter taste.
They had not been convinced by Fernand Odonnat, the president of the Major Works Commission. The latter had explained to them the major projects to come. But, for professionals, these are only promises.

New meeting Wednesday

Having obtained nothing concrete after this interview, they promised to remain mobilized. This morning, orange chasubles on their shoulders, they took their place in front of the community and on the square, inside the building. A meeting was held for more than 2 hours, with Serge Letchimy.

At the end, professionals in the sector noted the suspension of the movement but remain on guard if the commitments are not kept. They meet on Wednesday at the CTM to write a memorandum of understanding. Quarterly meetings were held.

On the other hand, construction industry players have not won their case regarding the default interest, which they wish to even pay.

By RCI Martinique



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