Legislative: in Hérault, Gard, Aude, Aveyron and Lozère… these constituencies with high stakes to follow in the region

Legislative: in Hérault, Gard, Aude, Aveyron and Lozère… these constituencies with high stakes to follow in the region
Legislative: in Hérault, Gard, Aude, Aveyron and Lozère… these constituencies with high stakes to follow in the region

For different reasons, certain constituencies will be particularly followed, in Occitania, on June 30 and July 7. Midi Libre details them for you.

Each of the 577 constituencies is important in a legislative election, but some have a stronger political stake than others.

A crucial first round in Hérault

This is the case, in Hérault, of the 1st and 9th constituencies. In the first, because the outgoing is none other than Patricia Mirallès, the Secretary of State for Veterans Affairs. In 2022, exiting 2nd in the first round behind the rebel Julien Collet, the woman who was not yet a minister had managed to reverse the situation thanks to a good transfer of right-wing votes. This time, it is an environmentalist that she will face: the former deputy Jean-Louis Roumegas whom she swept aside in 2017 on the Macron wave. But Roumegas will be there supported by the New Popular Front. The challenge, for both, will first be to be ahead of the neophyte Josyan Olivia invested LR-RN in this constituency where we vote a lot RN. He still has Reconquest and LR candidates on his way.

On the 9th (Montpellier-Lunel) too, the LR-RN candidate could be favorite in view of the latest elections, but Charles Alloncle, little known, faces a Lisnard-leaning LR, Anthony Belin, and above all an RN dissident, Frédéric Bort , yet ousted by his party. A boon for the outgoing Renaissance Patrick Vignal, whose challenge, as in 2022, is to pass the first round and then face the Insoumise Nadia Bellouani.

The possible grand slam in Gard

In Gard, we will especially observe the two of the six constituencies which are not held by an RN in search of a symbolic grand slam. On the 5th, the Insoumis Michel Sala hopes to take advantage of the union on the left to reverse the dynamic of the Europeans against the LR-RN candidate, Alexandre Allegret-Pilot, who finally recovered the nomination after the legal setbacks of Emmanuel Espanol . A duel between the two men could be played out in the second round on these Cévennes lands where the Macronist party is struggling.

On the 6th, the only one that the presidential majority had saved two years ago, the abandonment of the outgoing Philippe Berta is the sign of a dynamic in favor of the RN, which will be carried by the lawyer Sylvie Josserand, just elected Member… of the European Parliament. Aurélien Colson (MoDem), who takes up the torch, will also have to watch on his left for the ecologist Nicolas Cadène, who has come close to victory in 2022.

The Renaissance impasse in Lozère

In the region, we will also observe the 1st constituency of Lozère, where a match of notoriety is expected between two political heavyweights: the indefatigable MP DVD (ex-LR) Pierre Morel-à-l’Huissier and the socialist president of the Department Sophie Pantel… with RN Luc-Étienne Gousseau, strong in the European score (31.9%) as referee.

An LR-RN without LR in Aveyron

In Aveyron, the 3rd constituency will be interesting to the extent that LR has not nominated a candidate against the LR-RN Pierre-Antoine Fevre, who could therefore disrupt the game and invite himself into a duel, either against the deputy Renaissance outgoing Jean-François Rousset, or facing the socialist Richard Bouigue. Unless a stronger participation allows a triangular.

The atypical Poutou parachute drop in Aude

Finally in Aude, the 1st constituency (Carcassonne) will be closely followed for the atypical parachute drop of the anti-capitalist Philippe Poutou for the Popular Front who will try, despite the dissidence of Aurélien Turchetto, to dethrone the outgoing RN Christophe Barthès. The former mayor of Carcassonne and ex-MP Jean-Claude Perez hopes to play a role for Renaissance… But which one? A question that arises for many Macronist candidates in the region.



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