“You had a choice, sir.”

The debate would play an important role in the election to the post of Prime Minister of Canada of the late Brian Mulroney, good friend of Ronald Reagan, whose second clash against Walter Mondale I mentioned in the post which launched this Monday morning the second fundraising campaign for this blog in 2024. Campaign whose theme focuses on past debates between American presidential candidates. I invited you to suggest the debates that struck you, regardless of the country. Madalton, one of the readers of this blog, thought of the debate in English which opposed Mulroney, then candidate of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, to Liberal Prime Minister John Turner, in 1984.

The key exchange focused on the numerous partisan appointments made by Pierre Trudeau before leaving the post of prime minister and handing over to Turner, who had decided to accept them without protest, a decision which had prompted Mulroney to ask him to apologize to Canadians.

“I had no choice,” Turner replied.

Mulroney had knocked him out with this reply: “You had a choice, sir. You could have said, “I won’t do it. This is not good for Canada and I am not going to ask Canadians to pay the price.” You had the opportunity to say “no” and you chose to say “or” to the old attitudes and old stories of the Liberal Party. If I may say so respectfully, I would say that this is not enough for Canadians. »

The exchange starts from 0:35 of the video below:

As luck would have it, the Reagan and Mulroney debates both took place in the same year. The rest is history.

Thanks to Madalton for this memory. And thank you obviously to everyone who has already contributed to this campaign, as well as to others who will do so in the coming hours!

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