Legislative elections 2024. 36 candidates for six seats in Gard and at least one new elected at the end

Legislative elections 2024. 36 candidates for six seats in Gard and at least one new elected at the end
Legislative elections 2024. 36 candidates for six seats in Gard and at least one new elected at the end


Fabien Hisbacq

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June 17, 2024 at 8:02 p.m.

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The surprise effect of the dissolution of the National Assembly also played a role in the Gardwhere the elections anticipated legislative elections of 2024 will not see each other “that” 36 candidates for six seats, when there were 68 two years earlier. And at the end of the day, whatever happens, there will be at least one new elected official.

Towards a remake of 2022 in the first constituency?

In the first constituency, the decline in contenders is impressive. We went from twelve to five. THE outgoing deputy Yoann Gillet (RN) is favorite there. However, he will face another right-wing candidate, Loumy Bourghol (LR). In front of him, there will also be presidential majority with Valérie Rouverand. The left has again bet on the LFI Charles Menard for the New Popular Front And Isabelle Leclerc forworker’s hut.

In 2022, Yoann Gillet finished in the lead with 31.64% ahead of Françoise Dumas (presidential majority, 25.21% and Charles Menard (Nupes, 23.93%) in the first round. In the second, he beat the outgoing MP with 52.01% taking revenge for 2017.

In the second, Meizonnet faces new

In the second constituency, the horizon has also cleared for the outgoing RN deputy Nicolas Meizonnet. He will only have five opponents. And they will not be the same as in 2022. The New Popular Front invested the PS Katy Guyot. The Republicans preferred Catherine Bolle. And the presidential majority bet on Sophie Pellegrin-Ponsole (Horizons). Remain Stéphane Masson (already present in 2022, far left) and Véronique Jullian (Ecology at the center).

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As a reminder, in 2022, Nicolas Meizonnet finished well in the lead in the first round (35.39%) ahead of the former mayor of Nîmes Yvan Lachaud (presidential majority, 23.05%) and Coralie Ghirardi (Nupes, 21.79% ). In the second round, he gave Lachaud no chance with 56.65% of the votes.

The presidential majority wants to regain its place in the third

In the third constituency, there are a few more people contesting the position at the outgoing MP Pascale Bordes (RN). Including her 2022 rival, the communist Sabine Oromi, this time under the banner of New Popular Front. At the house of LR, It is Florent Grau who will contest the position, while the presidential majority will count on Christian Baume. Finally, there will still be Valéry Fourmi (Workers’ Struggle). And the novices Christophe Prévost (without label) And Daniel Jean (various right).

In 2022, Pascale Bordes had left behind, with 30.08%, the outgoing Macronist deputy Anthony Cellier (26.77) and Sabine Oromi (then Nupes, 20.66%). In the second round, he narrowly won (51.32%).

An almost assured duel in the fourth

In the fourth constituency, there will be 5 instead of… 13! THE outgoing MP Pierre Meurin will be there for RN. And he will still face Arnaud Bord (New Popular Front). Pierre Martin (LR), Jérôme Garcia (far left) And Nadia El Okki (presidential majority) will try to prevent a 2022 remake duel.

In the first round, Pierre Meurin won 30.56% ahead of Arnaud Bord (26.58%) and Philippe Ribot (presidential majority, 21.58%). Leaving the other ten below 5%. In the second round, the victory of the RN was clear (54.49%) for the one who was already an MP.

The right torn in the fifth against Michel Sala

In the fifth district, the outgoing MP the LFI Michel Sala, will try to contain the RN. This time with the banner of New Popular Frontone of the rare elected officials to save his place in 2022 should have had in his sights a candidate invested by the Republicans and supported by the RN, Emmanuel Espanol. Except that, suspected of fraud, he was disinvested on Monday June 17!

Result, the RN stands to support the various right Alexandre Allegret-Pilot. While another candidate LR will still be there, Léa Boyer, fourth in 2022, and who refused the alliance with the far right. There presidential majority also send Catherine Daufès-Roux, like two years ago. Behind, we will find the various right Nordine Tria as well as the candidate of Workers’ struggle Agnès Olinet.

The right is therefore moving forward very fragmented to try to overthrow Michel Sala, who had captured 33.48% of the votes in the first round in 2022, ahead of Jean-Marie Launay (RN, 23.57%) and Catherine Daufès-Roux (21 .16%). In the second round, Sala left the RN with 53% of the votes.

Whatever happens, there will be a new deputy in the sixth

Finally, in the sixth constituency, the outgoing deputy Philippe Berta (Presidential Majority) is not leaving. The field is therefore open for six candidates. Whose RN Sylvie Josserandwho wasn’t there two years ago and has just been elected as a… European deputy. Unlike the environmentalist Nicolas Cadène, who is still involved, moving from Nupes to New Popular Front.

There presidential majority chose Aurélien Colson (Modem), The Republicans Clément Stevant And Workers’ struggle Aïcha Terbèche (as in 2022). Stay here regionalist Laura Affortit.

In 2022, the scores were very close between Nicolas Cadène (25.65%), Philippe Berta (24.38%) and RN Laurence Gardet (24.14%) in the first round. And in the second, unprecedented since without a candidate from the National Rally, it was the second who took the lead with 52.17% of the votes.

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