The helmet “completely saved their son’s life” while cycling

Parents from Quebec have given themselves the mission of raising awareness among the population of the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. Their 12-year-old son was hit by a car while riding his bike, and it was his helmet that saved his life.

A gray bicycle helmet sits in the Labrie-Talbot family’s apartment in Quebec. Although it only cost around forty dollars to purchase, its value has become inestimable.

On June 6, Ludovick, 12 years old, was cycling on the 5e avenue in Charlesbourg, when he was hit by a car.

feet in the air, really far away”,”text”:”I didn’t see the car coming, and neither did she. I found myself more in the street there, 7 feet in the air, really far”}}”>I didn’t see the car coming, and neither did she. I picked myself up more in the street there, 7 feet in the air, really far awayhe describes, returning to the scene ten days later.

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The Labrie-Talbot family.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexandre Vallee-Roy

Increase in cycling accidents without a helmet

Ludovick escaped with some bruises and scratches, as well as a concussion. But emergency doctor Mathieu Blanchet is clear: the helmet completely saved his life.

An accident that happened at 40 km/h, I believe that if he had not had his helmet, he would not be with us, or he would be in intensive care for several weeks.

A quote from Dr. Mathieu Blanchet, emergency physician, Laval University Hospital Center

The person who treated Ludovick at the Laval University Hospital Center has noticed over the past year an increase in the number of patients arriving at the emergency room after suffering a bicycle accident without a helmet.

We had a few cases of falling while cycling with serious head injuries that the helmet could have made very commonplace, then ultimately led to very long hospitalizations and could have led to deaths.he says.

The age group most affected is that of young adolescents, 12 to 14 years old, he observes.

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Ludovick Labrie.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexandre Vallee-Roy

A small note with a big impact

If Ludovick’s parents are relieved today, it is partly because their son left home without his bicycle helmet on the day of his accident.

It makes me a little emotionalconfides Mélany Talbot. I saw that, I said: “Okay, there’s no helmet.” So I wrote him a note, I wrote “Don’t forget your helmet, put your things away, I love you”she remembers.

It was the note left by his mother that convinced Ludovick to bring his helmet with him when he returned from dinner.

My mother told me to wear it at lunchtime. I had it with me, but at first I thought about putting it in my bag because I really didn’t want to put ithe remembers, specifying that he found it less cool to ride a bike with a helmet.

His decision to wear it was ultimately saving.

Tell their story to raise awareness

Since their son’s accident, Mélany Talbot and Jean-Luc Labrie want their story to raise awareness among the population of the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling.

It’s when it happens to us that we realize the importance of it all. The helmet, I didn’t wear one, but from today on, I’m going to wear itadmits Ludovick’s father.

Without his helmet, he would have died. And this is a child who is careful on a bike, this is not a child who is a daredevil, and then this happened. An accident is an accidentconcludes Mélany Talbot.



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