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The private hospital Elsan is under construction in Maizières-lès-Metz. A real asset for the North Moselle territory, the future establishment of health is consistent with current health but also environmental issues. It represents one of the aspects of the policy regarding health led by Community of Communes Rives de Moselle in consultation with the stakeholders concerned.

LOn January 8, the launch of work on the private hospital of Elsan group came to realize a major establishment on the commune of Maizières-lès-Metz. Something to rejoice Julien Freyburgerpresident of the intercommunality Banks of Mosellealso first vice-presidentresident of the Department of Moselle and mayor of Maizières-lès-Metz: “This project, the first stone of which will be laid on July 8, is a magnificent and essential achievement on the scale of the north of the department, the Metz agglomeration and Rives de Moselle. For eight years now, our entire territory has been supporting the preparation of this hospital-clinic project, the result of the merger of two Moselle establishments, owned by Elsan. Under the general coordination of a key player at the regional level, Gabriel Giacometti, director of Territoire Elsan Moselle, the Group is carrying out work at an extremely sustained pace, with its project management assistant ISMS, the project manager AIA Life Designers and its partners. Of course, the City of Maizières and the Rives de Moselle Community of Communes were present at all the meetings. »

The Department of Moselle also financed the entire project. development of the gira intersectiontory of the RD112fmain access to hospital center operational since last September. The intercommunality works on one of theserves public transportation the hospital upon its planned opening within two years.

Towards a health skill

Different national studies havetest, health is the main preoccupation of the French. A priority which has been available at the local level since a few years. “Exchanges with our fellow citizens demonstrate that they aspire to effective, simple and guaranteed access to care and healthcare professionals. » Faced with this observation and following a diagnosis of territory, the Rives de Moselle Community of Communes opened a health center in the communes of Maizières-lès-Metz and Ennery. Still in the communitysilence, the multidisciplinary health centerplinaire de Maizières has been installed on rue Gustave-Barthélémy since 2016. “Grouped together in a single building, around fifteen general practitioners, nurses, midwives, speech therapists and orthoptists have a reception, a secretariat and shared resources. This local health center responds to the wish of medical professionals to no longer practice in isolation as much as to address the problem of neckmedical virtue which extends throughout the country. »

With the ambition to go even further far away, Julien Freyburger wishes tosee linking health to skillscommunity trends by 2025. “It is not a question for Rives de Moselle – a strong intercommunity of 20 municipalities and 53,000 inhabitants bringing together numerous activities in the territory – of replacing the health authorities which come under the State. The idea is to benefit from a global vision and to facilitate not only exchanges but also establishments, to allow their complementarity and to guarantee fairness in connection, of course, with the health authorities, with professionals and with the Department of Moselle which has skills in the medico-social field. Like other intermunicipalities, with this implementation of a major infrastructure at the regional level, we have, a fortiori, the duty to take on this health competence, by first requesting the consent of community elected officials. It seems to me much more realistic to imagine such an organization at the community level than at the strict municipal level. explains it president of Rives de Moselle.

Note also that the Rives de Mo Community of Communessaddle participated in the creation of the Health Chair from the IAE Metz School of Management led by Julien Husher. An instance in which she brings the point of view and the outlook of a very mobilized community in the project of preparation, construction and development of the future hotelprivate hospital whose opening is professionalscheduled by the end of 2026.

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