Record traffic jams on Swiss national roads in 2023

In 2023, the duration of traffic jams on national roads reached 48,807 hours.Keystone

The national road network is starting to show its limits, believes the Confederation. Last year, the duration of traffic jams exploded.

In Switzerland, national roads are increasingly overloaded. In 2023, the duration of traffic jams jumped by 22.4% compared to the previous year, reaching a record of 48,807 hours.

Motorways, semi-motorways and third-class national roads only represent barely 3% of the entire road network, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) said on Monday. But they absorbed around 45% of vehicle kilometers traveled in Switzerland in 2023.

Traffic overload

Last year recorded 29.6 billion kilometers traveled on the national road network, an increase of 1.5% year-on-year. Around 87% of traffic jam hours are attributable to traffic overload.

The faster increase in traffic jam hours compared to vehicle kilometers shows the limits of the national road network, FEDRO emphasizes. They can no longer cope with traffic overloads despite measures taken to optimize the flow. (ats)

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Stuck in traffic? Here are images of traffic jams

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Stuck in traffic? Here are images of traffic jams

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